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Effects Of Treatments For Skin Cancer

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Cancer is a type of tumour that forms when the protooncogene cells in the human body are converted to an oncogene. The oncogene cells replicate rapidly giving rise to a malignant tumour. Due to their speedy replication action, the infected cell and tissue materials spread into the other parts of the body if undetected. Cancer that occurs on the skin of humans is known as Skin Cancer. These may occur in the form of lesions, black spots or coloured patches on the skin.

Skin cancer could occur due to various reasons. Exposure to UV light or sources of radiations could cause skin cancers. Due to the increase in atmospheric pollution and thinning of the ozone layer, UV rays from the sun directly comes in contact with the human body. The UV light could penetrate clothing materials. So wearing dark sleeved clothes doesn’t always help us from preventing skin cancer. UV protecting sunscreens doesn’t always act as a barrier against UV lights and the medical professionals at SunDoctors agree to that. However certain Reputed and Costly brands of sunscreen provide somewhat of protection.

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Treatment of cancer could be costly and painful. If detected at early stages the medical professionals would remove the lesion or tumour from the body and no other harm would occur. But in late stages, it could be quite difficult to treat. Today for skin cancer treatment a variety of procedures are available. An abundance of natural resources for medicinal use exist worldwide, of which many have not yet been exploited for possible application in the pharmaceutical industry. Over 50% of all accessible drugs in the market originate from natural sources, of which over 70% of anti-cancer drugs have their origin in natural sources. Natural sources include plants, animals, microbes and marine life. Plants are the most utilized natural resource for applications in the pharmaceutical science and still comprise the leading natural source for new drugs and lead compounds, due to their accessibility and abundance. To date, only a few naturally derived drugs exist on the market that targets skin-related cancers, whereas none have yet been approved for topical application. This could be accredited to the known side effects of these agents when topically applied to the skin. Using those or the following medical procedures could help reduce the effects of skin cancer to a certain level.

  1. Simple excision: – the medical professional would excise or slice away the tumour or lesion formed on the skin and would treat you with various types of anti-cancer drugs for further formation of tumours in the future.
  2. Mohs microscopic Surgery: – the skin layers are thinly sliced away and after each cut, the skin is observed with a microscope to ensure no cancer cells are left behind.
  3. Cryosurgery: – the surface of the skin affected with cancer is subjected to extremely low cold temperatures to freeze and destroy the cancer cells.
  4. Radiation Therapy: – this type of treatment includes exposing the affected area of the skin to X-Rays or Gamma rays to destroy the cancer cells. Internal cancers are treated by inserting wires, catheters or needles inside the tumour destroying it.
  5. Chemotherapy: – This is probably the most common way to treat cancer. For Skin Cancer treatment, chemical ointment (such as Topical fluorouracil) is used. As the cancer isn’t located in an inaccessible internal organ, thus ointment is used.

Cancer in itself is a deadly disease affecting thousands of people all over the world and it is due ti high amount of radiation present on the Earth surface.

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