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Brief Description of Melanoma and It's Evolution among Men and Women

Melanoma is an autosomal dominant disease which means that if you are to inherit it, the person before you would have had to have not one but two copies of the gene. If the melanoma is inherited it is called “familial malignant melanoma. If one of your parents had the two copies then you have a 50-50 chance of getting it. According to, “Overall, about 8% of people newly diagnosed with melanoma have a first-degree relative with melanoma.” Also...
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Skin And Breast Cancer Prevention

Cancer is a global epidemic that takes millions of lives every year. There are many types of cancers but due to variables like the environment, there are certain ones on the rise. They can be developed through factors such as unhealthy diets, UV radiation, smoking, air pollution, etc. It is formed, in result, of a mutation of cancerous cells. In spite of that, there are ways to prevent the risk of developing one of these cancers. Some of these ways...
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Melanoma Skin Cancer Detection Using Image Processing

Abstract Among the three basic types of skin cancer, viz, Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC), Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC) and Melanoma, Melanoma is the most dangerous in which survival rate is very low. The proposed skin cancer detection technology is broadly divided into four basic cmponents, viz., image preprocessing which includes hair removal, de-noise, sharpening, resize of the given skin image, segmentation which is used for segmenting out the region of interest from the given image. Here we have used k-means...
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Skin Cancer: Convolutional Neural Network Based Skin Lesion

Analysis towards Melanoma Abstract— Melanoma is only harmful in human epidemic diseases and the level of these diseases is increasing continuously. Computers are not more intelligent than humans, but it is easy to find some information easily, which may not be easily apparent to the human eye. Such as: skin color variations or taxa variations. As knowledge is in inadequate source, automated systems proficient of detecting disease could save lives, reduce unnecessary biopsies, and reduce costs. My research is based...
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Skin Cancer And Related Genetics

Why do we use sunscreen? To save ourselves from harmful sun rays, of course. Did you know that these harmful rays, aka UV rays of the sun, are the major reason of causing skin cancer? However, despite the UV rays, are there any other factors that can lead to skin cancer? Of course, there are. Genes are just one such factor to name. The science of genetics is far more complicated and far fetched from what a human mind can...
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Extent Of Applying Artificial Intelligence In The Diagnosis Of Skin Cancer

Before delving into the content of this essay, it is crucial to understand why this argument is valid. Cancer is a fatal disease and the chances of survival, especially for skin cancer, vary greatly depending on how early and accurately it is diagnosed (The Skin Cancer Foundation, 2019). Recognising cancerous cells from benign ones requires not only medical knowledge but precision and intelligence. Would a machine be able to diagnose a patient with skin cancer? When arguing whether Artificial Intelligence...
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Skin Cancer Rodents Models: A Review

Introduction: Melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer are the most common type of malignancy in the Caucasian population (1-10). The incidence of both MM and NMSC is on the rise ,with an annual increase in MM of 0.6% among adults over 50 years (11). The incidence of melanoma may be even higher than indicated, as the national cancer registries has reported an underestimation of its incidence in certain countries. Consistent epidemiologic and experimental studies have demonstrated that UV-emitting tanning devices cause...
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Convolution Neural Networks for Predicting Skin Lesions of Melanoma by Segmentation

Abstract— Skin lesions are significant in determining dermatological medical conditions globally. Early diagnosis of malignant melanoma by dermoscopy imaging considerably will increase the survival rate. Throughout this paper, we tend to present deep learning-based approaches to resolve 2 issues in skin lesion analysis employing a dermoscopic image containing the tumor. Estimation of these biomarkers are wont to give some insight, whereas detecting cancerous cells and classifying the lesion as either benign or malignant. This paper presents groundwork for the detection...
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What Is Skin Cancer?

Research has shown that one of the main biological factors for an individual for the development of skin cancer is that of their heritage, being of European decent. The level of pigmentation in a person’s skin has a direct affect on the possibility of being diagnosed with skin cancer . Many Australians still hold the belief that having a tan is healthy2,6. A tan will offer some form of sun protection but it is only equivalent to using a sunscreen...
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Dermatologist-Level Classification Of Skin Cancer With Deep Neural Networks

Introduction The research paper ‘Dermatologist-level classification of skin cancer with deep neural networks” proposes that mobile devices combined with artificial intelligence have the potential of providing “low-cost universal access to vital diagnostic care.” This means that there is a rise in technology to enable medical diagnosis in an effective and inexpensive way. To support their claim, the authors utilized a single convolutional neural network (CNN) to predict skin cancer diagnosis by classifying skin lesion images into different skin diseases. The...
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Effects Of Treatments For Skin Cancer

Cancer is a type of tumour that forms when the protooncogene cells in the human body are converted to an oncogene. The oncogene cells replicate rapidly giving rise to a malignant tumour. Due to their speedy replication action, the infected cell and tissue materials spread into the other parts of the body if undetected. Cancer that occurs on the skin of humans is known as Skin Cancer. These may occur in the form of lesions, black spots or coloured patches...
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Clinical Features of Melanoma and Health Policy Approaches to Prevent It

Melanoma, otherwise known as malignant melanoma is the most dangerous skin cancer that we know of due to its potential to metastasize to other parts of the body including the liver, the lungs, bones and the brain. The most common patient groups are men over the age of 50, and women below the age of 30. The mechanism by which melanoma develops is due to damage to the skin DNA that goes unrepaired, triggering events that lead to rapid proliferation...
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