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Effects on Online Dating

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The effects on online dating are not the best when you want to find a real and true love. Most of the time people won’t even know if the person they’re talking to is really the person in the pictures they are sending. There are so many effects behind online dating that are not good for you at all. It would be best if the person don’t live so far or if y'all meet up as soon as possible. That would make it a healthier relationship knowing that the person you’re talking to really is him.

Communication is one of the top effects that come with online dating. For example, when you and your significant other have arguments. How are y'all going to handle an argument if yall arent face to face to talk about it. This would make you feel very bad if y'all don’t have each other. Online dating doesn’t last long because of arguments and trust issues. I would honestly cut my man off , how you want to argue with a screen. Couples can't really express their feelings through text or phone calls either.

Expressing your feelings is a very difficult thing to do. Sometimes you try to tell your significant other how much you love them, and maybe they don't believe it all the way. Also the other might think you don't really care, and it will take a long time for them to do so. Couples just cant express themselves the way they want to. This might also cause arguments because you’re so in love but the other might not be believing you. This is no good for you. You need to be able to express yourself and tell if the other really cares. It's better to find love around you. Depression is also something so big in online dating. You need to be able to see your boyfriend every so often. Not being able to see someone you love could really be hurting you emotionally. You need to feel loved if that what you’re needing and wanting. When you are having your bad days they’re all you need and it's hard if they are nowhere near you. Maybe that's the only person you're comfortable with and he can't be their. Sometimes online dating apps can make you get depression because you're being rejected. That's the worst feeling ever.

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Rejection i imagine is the worst feeling to ever go through. Nobody wants to feel that way when you just want to be loved by someone. This feeling is someone should never have to deal with. If you’re wanting to look for love online you have to be expecting these kind of rude things. Especially because its people behind a screen who don't care and say whatever. Some bullies might get on there just to be doing that and be mean to people. True love is hard to find nothing will ever be easy and sometimes this is what you’ll have to deal with if you want to go down the online dating path.

Online dating can make a person feel better but not really because that person isn't really seeing you in person. Low self esteem is also something so cruel to be dealing with. You just want to love yourself but are too shy to date someone that you see everyday. So you think dating someone who don't see you and doesn't really know what you look like will make you feel better. Truth is you still hate how you look no matter what you do to try and make yourself love you. You should never do that to yourself you’re just hurting yourself more. You’ll forever be insecure, and this would make it worse.

In my opinion, your not really dating if you’re online dating. You’re not seeing the person. You think you deserve the best, so you go online and that's not the way to go. The whole time yall are together you can be getting catfished. Which means you aren't really talking to the person you think. This can turn out really bad when you yall end up meeting, and it's not even the same person. Imagine how low your self esteem would go and how high your depression would increase. You’re just hurting yourself even more.

Online dating could mess you up bad mentally. It's a very unhealthy relationship if you’re only seeing pictures and hearing their voices through phone calls. Your self esteem would increase as well as your depression. People shouldn’t online date unless they meet with the person immediately. There's so many effects on online dating more than you can imagine.

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