Essay on Laura Nash Ethical Dilemma Resolution Model

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The sample solution of the Laura Nash method helped identify the aspects of the ethical dilemma and worked through an easier way to decide on a solution by analyzing all sides of the problem. Laura Nash created a 12-step outline that is to be used when confronted with, and for resolving ethical dilemmas. In the sample dilemma, you work for a web development company and you realize that you have been assigned a job to set up a website that explains how to produce crystal meth. You attempt to go to your boss to explain to him what the website is, but he shoots you down and demands that you get it done as soon as possible. You now have to decide if you are going to write the website to get through your probationary period and be able to start a family, even though there could be many consequences to performing this job.

In the first step, the Laura Nash Method has the decision-maker identify the problem, in the sample solution I agree with the analysis that if you do not create the website then someone else will, and that the problem was accurately defined. In step two I think analyzing all the different “sides of the fence” really helped me work through the dilemma and identify all of the people’s perspectives. In steps three through seven we have to; pinpoint how the situation arose: in the sample solution you just want to do your job and not cause problems, the second is to identify who they have loyalty to. In the sample, you have loyalty to yourself, your family, your corporation, and society, if your decision to create the website puts you in jail, or causes the company to go under then it’s best not to create it. In steps five and six, you clarify your intention in making the decision and compare the intention to the probable results. In step seven of the Laura Nash method, you have to consider who will be hurt by the decision or action that you take. The analysis of step seven was a big clarifier for me in working through the dilemma; not only could the company, your family, and your integrity be injured but the creation of this website could fatally injure someone who ends up buying the meth that was created by using the site, or you could be liable if the site is used to make and sell illegal drugs.

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In steps eight through ten, Nash suggests that the decision-maker discusses the problem with the affected parties and that you considers if other people could offer input into the decision. In the dilemma we are given the employee tries to do step eight in the first place but is rebuffed by his boss, subsequently making the situation more difficult to resolve. In the next step, you should ask yourself if the position you are in now will be as valid in the future as it seems now. The decision-maker should next determine if they could discuss their decision without qualms with your family CEO, boss, board of directors, or with society as a whole; since the decision-maker would possibly have to face all of these parties after the decision is made. I feel that this question and the sample answer clarified what direction is best to take in this situation.

In the last two steps, you should consider the symbolic potential of your action, whether It’s understood or misunderstood, and consider if different conditions would change your expectations, and create an exception on where you stand. In the sample situation, I feel that the literal potentials of your action are more paramount than the symbolic ones, but I still agree with the analysis given for step eleven. For the sample solution the answer to the last question states that “Possibly, you would make an exception if you knew that this site was going to be used by law enforcement personnel to track the people who use the site to try to create a sting operation to catch the abusers” (). I had not previously thought of this circumstance and it made me want to go back to step eight and ask my boss, or go higher up the chain of command, and ask them who this website is being created for. My biggest obstacle in this dilemma was that I would potentially be breaking the law, but if this website were to be used by law enforcement I think my decision would be much easier to make.

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