Essay on Social Causes of the Civil War

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Slavery is the most element to create the Civil War in the Freedom of the United States. The most important encouragement to withdraw eleven southern states from the US Alliance in 1860, which leads to the civil war, is slavery. The resistance of the leader of South Policy leaders to try through the northern anti-police forces to prevent the expansion of slavery in Western regions. After the US Civil War of 1861 to 1865 as well as the formation of alliances in the southern slaves, Abraham Lincoln played an important role in order to lead his country through the crisis.

The largest internal, American civil war, ended slavery and its introduction of measures that lead to the abolition of slavery and promote the passage of thirteen amendments to the Constitution. In 1860 in the south, it was estimated that about 25% of households and 5% of the population have at least one slave, and men with economic relations with a higher proportion of slavery a lot. The biggest slave status in the white population in the black population and the contribution to the Union Army in Virginia and also a motor of the slave trade in the country. A large number of slaves lives in the United States along the border between the Alliance and the Alliance, and the market to buy and sell slaves continues during the Civil War.

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Before the beginning of the war, political and economic goals for slaves are very important to expand slaves, but late in the war, the growing probability that slavery is connected to each other is recognized by the slave owner. In the summer of 1861, a non-authorized slave regulation was planned in Mississippi, as the slave uprising was a consistent fear of the past slave and in the war, but this led to a broad penalty for regional slaves. The slave uprising will continue to take place, and more fear in the slaves penetrated, and this leads to the arrest of forty black slaves and two white men who led the uprising the other in June 1861 escaped in Louisiana. Another uprising includes about 400 slaves, which are located in August 1861 in Alabama, and the monitoring of surveillance was harder. Slaves are physically stolen or otherwise punished in the slavery company, and some people are sometimes rewarded for good behavior, but physical punishment is considered more effective to maintain control. Some penalties include murder, rape, and the sale of slave relatives. In and before the civil war, the resistance of slaves spread, and it brings the belief that blacks of alone are more faithful than a combination. It is believed that most people are faithful to the veterans, and the veterans of the union between slaves are popular and spacious, but slave workers have broke, and ceased to exceed farms and plantations.

Slavery owners fled from the escape slaves, which were locked up by the Alliance army, many slave owners fled into the alliance and put their slaves with them, and one of the number of slave owner fled their slaves behind it and many slaves fled from their slaves The Union. The Union Army assessed 200,000 slaves in the Civil War, and slaves are loyal to their owners, but watching and maintaining their ownership. Some slaves are ready to risk their lives and their families, while others do not escape, and the slaves that are trapped on the free hard way. The slave plays an important role in the early military success of the Alliance, the slave repaired the rail repairs, which provided agriculture, built the guidelines, and without soldiers are soldiers. Some slaves in the army rely on a lot and this leads to disease or death for excessive slaves, while others serve as servers. Some farmers can get a salary and not click. The white soldiers were sent to fight because the population was more available to send white men to the army instead of risking the lives of the slave. While most alliances are not owned by slaves, it is expected that the slave owner is compensated when the slaves died in the service of the Union Army, but the alliances, who knew a worker, liked that knows more than a dead white person died. At the beginning of the war of Abraham Lincoln War, from March 1861 to the murder in April 1865, was president of President to keep all or without slaves, while DomainingerAple will support North Slave escape.

LEEDALs began to capture slaves in the first and bitterness of the conflict, which became clear in 1862. General Benjamin F. Butler refused to return the slaves in the Federal Line to their slave ownership and used instead, the theoretical theory that the return of slaves will support the enemy. Lincoln confirmed that it was the need for the army, and was important to escape the slaves with combined lines and labeled slaves as 'smuggling goods', and initially as a manufacturer, cooks, personal waiters, etc. The slave wants to be free and part of the Freedom and their union soldiers have scars on the slave body that they encounter the game in theft and the emotional game on the side north, they heard stories about how slaves are ready to fight their own freedom and join the Alliance Army. In November 1861, the del legislative agency proposed a release plan for slaves in Delwar, but Lincoln suggested the same proposal at the beginning of 1862 that the countries of the political limit would be less expensive than that of the persistent War, and attraction was rejected again in March 1862, and the third appeal is also representatives of the marginal stand, which was rejected in July. Lincoln began a careful search for the president's liberation mission in the middle of 1862 after being rejected to balance the release plans.

The National Assembly adopted the military law, which released the alliance of the bonds and recruited on 17 July 1862 of the Alliance military, and the same day, the National Assembly passed the second expression law in order to liberal liberals of those who participate in the rebellion liberal. Lincoln decided not to show his new position until the new year does not maintain the border landing, partly, as Frederick Dulsass approved many new Lincoln positions, but above all from the south, the statement received a critique and it was Published only slaves in the alliance tax. The slaves liberate throughout the war and many slaves escaped when white men control slaves that rely on plantations for the Alliance Army. Slave patrols were held to prevent earlier efforts and militants from being used to control, but this is less effective as slaves are often far away from the military. The progress of the Union military has a great influence on slavery in areas where they come to control, and the first area they catch are the sea islands of South Carolina and Georgia. The occupation of the alliance forces made some attempts to provide published slaves, and a camp was founded in Tennessee and was then founded in Memphis, organized these efforts and camps that offer protection, food, and small medical care. Unsuccessful efforts are common because stress has developed between effective and black autonomy.

Black soldiers were normally normal after the liberation statement and were numbered 178 895 at 133,000 from the slave countries and mainly former slaves. Northern people have uncomfortable arms, black and black armies are placed under white officers, with poorer appliances, and medical care, and should be a heavy, partial majority of the workers were angry with the coalition. Jefferson Davis issued 1862 a 'statement against liberation' and claimed to return the Alliance Army, which will return to slavery in the federal uniforms, and this leads to the fact that Lincoln threatens to threaten a rebel soldier because the black soldier killed in fascinating conditions had been. However, without revenge for this kind of happening. The black army is not the same and is often exposed to more difficult conditions. Black soldiers developed well on the battlefield and acquire the respect of the Alliance Army and the Alliance, but revealed with black alliance soldiers by the Union. Millions of blacks are still slaves in early 1865, and a large number of slaves is daily on federal instruments, as the ability to confirm racial control decreased when the Alliance army is weakened. Some southern white people fled to South America, where they could flee the Federal Law at the end of the war. The slave sees freedom instead of the end of slavery, but also the training, the voting rights, and the right to the law, and the 13th amendment was adopted in January 1865, the slave ended in the Union, and ensures that slaves were liberated in the south become. A narrative of loyal slaves, revealed in the south after the end of the war, are more slaves living in the south, but most work for their gentlemen.

Slavery is the most important factor in creating a Civil War in the US, and the life of slavery received significant changes than the trade union troops taking control of large countries. Inside and before the Civil War, the slave plays a positive role to free themselves, and many people fled so Abraham Lincoln indicates the explanation for the liberation and freed millions of black legally. Lincoln successfully conducted his country through its largest internal crisis, the US civil war, the end of slavery and its transfer measures lead to abolishing the slave level and promoting the paragraph thirteen amendments to the Constitution.

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