Essay on the Impact of Technology on Communication

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As human beings, communication is a necessary condition for survival in this society. In the past, people usually used hand-written letters to transmit information. Because the message was mainly delivered by foot, horse, or carrier pigeon, a letter may take more than a month or even a year, so the information transmission was very slow and inconvenient. Now, with the development of technology and communication, as well as the arrival of the digital era, humans had changed from a relatively isolated state to an inextricable whole. Technology had changed the world and the way people communicate, especially for our young generation.

The emergence of mobile phones is an important evolution in the technological era, and their functions are becoming more and more electronic, integrated, and intelligent, and are no longer limited to calling and texting. With the signal and network, we can do instant communicating and receive the latest notifications no matter where we are, it made us deepen in communication and simplify our work. Mobile phones had greatly facilitated the connection between people. In terms of technical and physical means, it shortens the distance between us. For example, I haven’t seen some of my friends in person since I graduated from elementary school, but we always keep in touch. Even though we are now living in different countries and have different lifestyles, we usually check in with each other when we have time. I can see their daily lives through posts on social media. From the face-to-face video chat, I found out that we are so close in the distance in space, my friend is right on my screen.

The network has given us a more concealed, broad, convenient, and fast communication space, allowing us to communicate all the time with open minds. With the increasing number of social media, games, and other entertainment, people spend more and more time on it every day. They are easy to find someone in the network and communicate no matter who they are and where they are. In this way, technology brings people closer to strangers. Many people feel that chatting with strangers on the Internet is more interesting than the surrounding family because there are not too many restrictions. People feel free to tell any stories to strangers, but they will be conservative and conceal from those around them. This is very realistic, I can chat a lot behind the screen, but when we meet in person, it seems that we don’t have many topics. If we are all silent and look at each other, and none of us leads a new conversation, that will become very embarrassing. Due to psychological stress, we will find ways to escape. The mobile phone and other electronics will be one of the simple solutions. When people get along, they have to communicate, sometimes finding a topic may find everyone's interest. But with the interference of mobile phones, they are not willing to say more and miss some possibilities to get closer to others.

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However, this phenomenon has become the mainstream of society. In daily life, we can see many people addicted to their phones, especially when they are eating. More people like to be on their phones than talking, even though they are sitting with someone else. From this point, they seem to be alienated. I usually hang out with friends at restaurants, we will chat while waiting. Since the plates are served, we all like to take pictures of the food before we eat. But after that, most of my friends are busy looking at their phones, either posting the food on social media or socializing. Obviously, we stop the conversation and none of us continue it. Eventually, I may take out the phone like others even though I don’t really want to do this, and I am helpless. We are close friends, and I am sitting in front of them, but emotionally I feel that our distance is a far way because technology is closer than we are. So, in terms of emotional communication between people, technology is not really shortening the distance, especially for the person close to us. Moreover, I consider it disrespectful if you keep looking at your phone while eating with others. In my family education, we don’t encourage using cellphones or watching TV while we are eating together. This is not only bad for digestion, but also a basic etiquette. We should respect everyone at the table, and not selfishly do our own things. This is the time for family, we usually had very little time to get together. Therefore, we should cherish this opportunity, to spend more time with family, talk with them and share our stories. It will promote family relationships and bring us closer together.

On the other hand, technology had changed the traditional way of education. Higher education institutions used technology to improve the learning environment, student academics, personal life, campus connection, and more. In 2012, a study investigated college students' and faculties’ perceptions of the use of electronic devices in the classroom. According to the survey, it concluded those students were more likely to accept the use of technology than faculties. Following in 2014, a study introduces an effective method to remove cell phones in the classroom, it indicates there is a strong correlation between cell phone-free class and student engagement and their academic performances. In the other research, an experiment was conducted in a large lecture for two semesters at one university to investigate the effects of banning laptops from 2016 to 2017. As a result, banning laptops is not significantly improve student achievements. From these studies, the innovative technology had made classroom communication became more efficient and convenient, such as online courses, mobile libraries, homework platforms, and other services had indeed shortened the distance between students with faculties and academic success. However, it also brings negative impacts on students. Some students are too dependent on technology, and sometimes without using it may be uncomfortable and hinder their performance. Some students used technology for entertainment during class time, which will alienate the relationship of learning and affect others around them.

Overall, technology had dramatically changed the way we communicate. Physically, it had shortened the distance in space and time, but emotionally, it doesn’t really shorten the psychological distance of people because we are closer to technology than the people around us. In fact, everything has both positive and negative effects, so we should learn to utilize technology properly and let technology advance become a means to serve humanity. In addition, we should understand doing the right things in the right place. So, put away your mobile phone and spend time with the people you are close to.

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