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Events in Beethoven’s Life Which Influenced His Music Career: Discursive Essay

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Ludwig van Beethoven was a German pianist and composer. He was noted for connecting the classical and Romantic ages of Western music. He was known as a musical genius that completely deaf.

Beethoven’s childhood life

Beethoven was full of charisma in music but he didn’t stop improving himself. He created notes on the five lines that became very valuable but the composer has not allowed the piracy that has occurred. His ears were finally got destroyed and he became deaf. Beethoven was born in Bonn, the capital of West Germany. At the end of 1770 the son of the royal court of Bonn named Johann, has a mother named Maria Magdalena. Beethoven’s early life was very painful in the middle of poverty. His drunken father tries to make Beethoven the same as Mozart two, thus Beethoven was born 15 years after Mozart, and he hopes that it will make money to support the family. His drunken father taught Beethoven aged 4-5 by forcing him to practice difficult piano lessons and if he cannot play, his father will make a punishment. It was later assumed that Beethoven still loved music because of the image of Grandfather, a successful royal court singer.

Then Johan tried to promote Little Beethoven ( 8 years old ) as a miracle pianist at the age of 6 years old, but people were not interested in Beethoven that much. When he thought that his plan didn’t work, he changed his aim for Beethoven to be a professional musician as soon as possible by providing additional people to teach music to him.

Beethoven works raising a family from the age of 11

Beethoven has been working as an organist and after that, the court assistant who was little Beethoven’s genius showed that while Beethoven works as a court musician, he tried to study music until he was being talented in music composition. During that time he tried to study and develop reading ideas from his basic knowledge only in grade 4. In grade 4, he learned to be able to socialize with philosophers and wealthy people for future progress.

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Beethoven began writing songs, breaking musical rules, and becoming more of a wanderer, therefore, became a Romantic era

When Beethoven played piano to Mozarts for the first time

At the age of 17, Beethoven was given the opportunity and supports from his allies and his wealthy friend to visit Vienna for the first time. There were rumors that said Beethoven was playing piano to Mozarts and surprised him. Unfortunately, Beethoven’s journey had come to an end since his mother was sick. Moreover, his mother died, thus, Beethoven needed to work harder so that he could take care of his father and two brothers.

The start of the Romantic Period

Beethoven start writing a more abstract song that broke the classical theory and created the Romantic Period. His songs were criticized by many elders, however, Beethoven decided not to listen to their words. His work is to insert his emotions and thoughts into his songs which were contrasted with the Classical period. Beethoven denies being a musician as a slave to wealthy people. He claims that when someone hires him, they must treat him as a guest and have the ability to join dinner with the host. If they refuse to act in this certain way, Beethoven will show his dissatisfaction without fear.

Beethoven’s tragedy

Beethoven was in his time for a little while but a tragedy faced him. He became deaf and as a musician, being deaf is very bad. Beethoven realise the fact that his ears were curable but may become worse. On the 6th of November 1802, he decided to write a death note to his two brothers, but 4 days later, he decided to get rid of that thought. Beethoven slowly cures himself and finally makes himself strong than before. This creates an influence on his music as the emotion in the music is filled with victory and glory as a story of a hero.

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