Expanding Information Technology: A Curse or a Blessing

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“Technology without hatred can be a blessing. Technology with hatred is always a disaster”.

In this modern era in which information technology is vastly used. Information technology is touching every center of life. Information system has made the world global villages. It has brought the people very close. Different forms of information technology are making it easy for people to know what has been happening across the world. New information system has entirely revolutionized economic system.

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We live in a technologically advanced era. We go by car and airline and communicate via email and cell phones. We get the most up-to-date information from all over the world thanks to the media and the Internet. We enjoy movies with cutting-edge special effects. Despite climatic inconveniences, air conditioners and room heaters keep our lives comfortable. The list could go on and on. Almost every element of our life has been altered by technology. Of course, some of us may be concerned about the pollution and environmental issues that have resulted from technological advancements. However, the majority of individuals believe that technology has greatly helped mankind. People got possession of technology adequate to leave the Earth's atmosphere and space for the first time in the mid-twentieth century. The technology was used to learn the tactics or procedures of organization in order to address an issue in the most efficient and effective way possible. Technology has an impact on the individual and their potential.

Technology enhances our quality of life. We have made significant discoveries by utilizing technology. We rely on technology in almost every aspect of our lives. When you consider technology, you will realize that you use it on a daily basis. As a result, it is essential in our lives, and life would be different without it. Technology is permeating all fields, including pharmacy, medicine, and engineering. Without technology, it is difficult to see the field. It makes a significant difference in medicine. We can now treat the patient without having to convene a meeting. It saves us time and effort, and it is becoming increasingly important in this field. Technology simplifies our lives. And the big invitation that makes the impossible possible. Humans had acquired technological dominance sufficient to leave the Earth's atmosphere and go into space for the first time by the mid-twentieth century. Technology is utilized to learn an organization’s tactics or processes in order to address an issue as effectively as possible while also serving a purpose. Technological improvements are affecting humans' and other animal species' ability to adapt to their natural settings. The human population began to employ technology by transforming natural objects into simple tools, such as how to light a fire, how to use a wheel to assist humans in travelling, and how to make a coat. Technology had a solid goal when it initially started. People are looking for easy tools to assist them in their daily activities. As a result, we invite a lot of help and make use of it.

Technology has two faces: good and bad. Technology has changed virtually all face in our lives. Some of us may have problems with pollution and environmental problems as the technology lead. But in general, most people feel that technology. Technology has made a significant contribution to boosting global communication. Furthermore, it has drastically simplified the process of curing ailments and has taken over everyone's life. Robotics, on the other hand, have the potential to both help and hinder humanity. As a result, while information technology has benefited the globe, it has also unwittingly harmed humans. As a result, determining whether science and technology are a curse or a blessing is difficult.

Finally, technology may be both a blessing and a scourge. The way they use it, though, does influence their mindset. We cannot be afraid of nuclear bombs because of the damage they cause, which teaches that the epidemic is spreading. Everything is better because of the technology that was utilized to produce it. What will stick in our minds is how we use it to either bless or curse our environment, and as a result of our own actions.

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