General Overview and Analysis of Watergate Scandal

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What does Zinn mean by Under Control?

Zinn makes it quite clear on how impressive and amazing the United States of America truly is even after all the behind the scene dirt that came out. Furthermore; the events that occurred during the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. This reality of American’s perception came into light in the 1970s. Zinn shares that people believed that the government was only interested in gains that served their purpose, not in its people. Zinn says that 25 percent of people believed this to be true in the 1960s, but that number doubled to 50 percent in the 1970s. Luckily for America, this feeling of distrust and anger was taken out on Former President Richard Nixon. President Nixon is the only president to have ever reason and the reason became the infamous WaterGate Scandal. The Watergate Scandal occurred during Nixon’s second presidential campaign. President Nixon was attempting to ruin the reputation of his opponents. Nixon had broken into the Democratic National Committee located in the Watergate district in America’s capital and attempted to steal documents. These documents were top-secret papers that Nixon wanted with or without knowing it Nixon committed Espionage. Furthermore; President Richard Nixon even attempted his very best to cover up this crime. Nixon was caught red-handed and Congress took charge in order to start the process of impeachment. The American people rallied behind the idea to impeach Richard Nixon making him quite easy to blame for all of America’s problems. The government of the United States of America capitalized on this motion which became a huge victory in order to gain the respect of the American people back without changing any true colors or ideas Congress had. Nixon bore all the hatred and due to the amount of backlash he resigned. Zinn even forces this idea by talking about Vice President who became the 38th president of the United States of America, Gerald Ford. Gerald Ford throws the former president under the bus by stating “Our long national nightmare is over”. President Gerald Ford continued the forieng policy of Nixon and nothing really changed to prevent a scandal like the Watergate Scandal from recurring. To sum things up, The United States of America was keep the American people under control, by a mistake president nixon committed and capitalized on it in order to show the American People that the United States of America was “truly” against evil, when in reality the corruption was still there.

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What were the connections between Vietnam, Watergate, and the Mayaguez incident?

The Watergate scandal, The Vietnam War, and the Mayaguez incident all have one particular connection in common. The connection that all three events have is fear of power. As a reader of Zinn’s book I see a different perspective, from many. In my analysis, I see how the United States of America feared the loss of control in all three scenarios. After World War II, the power of the United States’ enemies was growing. Their Ideology, their government structure, and most importantly their support... Communism grew. This worried the United States putting the entire country on edge, When Vietnam was on edge on choosing its nation’s government and even though it had nothing to do with America. The US got involved in the fear that they would gain another enemy. Even with their citizens being against the involvement; Congress

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