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Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad: Symbol Of Outflow Rates For The Slaves

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Tubman's and Josiah's story in the underground Railroad provides a contradictory perception that tends to depict a little coincidence with a more significant potential of emerging differences. In the beginning, it is mandatory to acknowledge that the term underground Railroad was symbolically used to indicate the overall network of outflow rates for the slaves, who extended their stay beyond their southern territories to the northern borders. The study aims at evaluating how the slave laws were fugitively enacted and how this affected the growth and success of humankind.

These underground railroads consisted of passengers and were secreted in fixed positions known as stations. It is also evidenced by the story that; every family had the responsibility of offering various kinds of foods and clothing to the passengers, also referred to as runaways (Adler, 2018). The story of the underground Railroad typically stipulates how humanitarian laws were dismissed in the 1960s, by an outstanding relevant shred of evidence, using the two individuals, namely Harriet Tubman and Josiah Henson

Both Tubman and Henson had experienced health complications. Harriet Tubman was often hired to other plantations. On one occasion, she refused to participate in punishing one of the slaves, which led to physical beating, especially on the head. This subjected her to headaches and seizures. After Josiah was sold, it is clear from the film that he felt ill and could not work as expected, and this facilitated the selling of Josiah. They also got subjected to physical torture. When Harriet Tubman refused to participate in the punishment of the fellow slave, she got subjected to physical thrashing where the skull was hit.

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On the other hand, when Josiah tried to come into the help of the employer who was involved in chaos with a fellow white, it became a crime, and Josiah received a severe beating. Later it was found that Josiah acted as a preacher and earned his income through donations from people. After, Harriet got involved in several roles, including working as a nurse in Virginia; as a soldier and later as a spy. Besides, the two individuals were hardworking as they got engaged in activities in the employment firms. For instance, Harriet was often hired to other plantations, where she worked as a slave. After the nursing of Josiah, he recovered from illness and worked on the farms. Harriet also worked as a cook and a domestic worker in private hotels. It assisted her in raising her finances, which spearheaded her activities (Humez, 2006).

Also, both were abolitionists because they both fought, advocated, and participated in the movement to end slavery. Josiah attempted it through purchasing freedom but later escaped and became a runaway with his family to achieve independence. Harriet relocated members of her family to Free states where liberation got implemented fully. She also returned to Maryland to rescue more friends and members of her family (Adler, 2018). These manifestations prove to what extent Harriet and Josiah opposed slavery acts. Although both were engaged in slavery at first, they later fought the action and began to help fellow slaves to escape from the same immoral act. The article further suggests that Harriet facilitated the rescue of about sixty members, including friends and family members. Josiah also rescued around twenty-one friends into Free State. The act of fugitiveness resulted in the fact that both absconded slavery and settled in Free states with their families. Although the American economy depended upon labor, which led to the enslavement of individuals, Harriet Tubman and Josiah Henson, who were once slaves in the region, fought against it through the enaction of fugitive law where after individual discharge, they would help the rest escape (Tubman, 1868). They eventually also participated in the movement to end slavery, and lastly, they opposed this act of slavery

In summary, slavery can staunchly get described as an immoral act in societies, since numerous adverse effects characterize it. One may indicate experience its impacts through a series of psychological, emotional, and physical molestations. For instance, a victim may suffer severe or treacherous health symptoms, which may limit his/her overall lifespan. For this reason, there is a need and demand for evaluation of this act by giving it a more in-depth interrogation to enable easier identification of its causes and the potential remedies. In support, policies and measures should get proposed to counteract its effects, as law enforcers, researchers, and other health professionals continue to develop more straightforward standards of dealing with the problem.

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