Holocaust and Slavery: Compare and Contrast Essay

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It's 2019, and yet some things remained the same. Humanity is gone, and all that it's left is cruelty. It's absolutely heartbreaking that faith is being exerted against it. When I hear the term holocaust, it automatically creates a visual vision of World War II, the genocide of the Jews in my mind. As a teenager, I grew up learning about that horrific event and being terrified. At this point in my life, I never thought that I would have to witness another holocaust. But this time, it's not Jews but Muslims that are being targeted. The Jews' genocide left the whole world in shock and due to this, I thought that people would change for the better but nothing less. It's disturbing, how people try to bring back history to create more problems. In this essay, I will be focusing on how Chinese Muslims are put into concentration camps to get rid of their population. I would also concentrate on how societies are not taking this seriously and aren't doing enough to help those poor people that need our help.

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Modern-day holocaust isn't something that we’ve ever imagined to happen, especially after the very first one. Racism is very harsh and what's worse than that is people's minds. It all happened because of one reason 'Racism'. People are so addicted to this mentality that they don't know what's right and wrong. It brings out the worst part of them. It's so unpleasant the stuff that they do to other people to show their argument. To show how much they're against one's culture, belief, and for being themselves. In Friedman, Norman's article 'Teaching about the Holocaust' stated, ' The Jews of the European camps and ghettos had neither arms available nor recent historical experience as warriors or with weaponry. They had little help from non-Jewish partisan groups. For a long time, they hoped circumstances would get better, not expecting such an extreme set of events. Eventually, most Jews became sick, weak, and starving, so as to be busy enough with sheer survival from day to day (Leiter). In this piece, he's trying to show the weakness of the Jews that the Nazis took advantage of. The acts that were committed towards them were so disturbing and unfaired. We all know about slavery and the hardship that they went through by the Whites. They were discriminated against due to their skin color. The holocaust was described as like slavery according to Norman, ' Thus it can be seen more generally that Holocaust Jews- like American blacks in slavery, Japanese-American interned in United States camps in the 1940s or American Indian under siege-developed a variety of reaction to their misfortunes' (9). My main point for bringing up all those topic is to show how people have so many examples to end racism through those events but ends up failing. People still haven’t changed and it’s embarrassing.

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