How Lord Of The Flies Relates To The Real World?

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Lord of the Flies by William Golding is a classic novel that is known as one of the greatest pieces of literature and has been for decades, because of how it relates to people and events that have happened. As the island is a microcosm of the world, the book mirrors what’s going on in the real world. The main themes of the book are Good Vs. Evil, Civilization Vs. Savagery, Power and Survival, which can easily be related to by most people - both now, when the book was written and probably also in the future.

Personally, the book taught me a lot about how people deal with situations when under pressure, people’s need for power and how easy it really if for a war to break out and I found that in my mind I could easily link what was going…show more content…

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Saddam Husain was like Jack as he promised his followers he would get more land for his country, but failed and instead made his people suffer, while Slobodam Molosovic refused to give up his rule over Serbia and Yugoslavia, because he didn’t want to lose power and ended up killing a lot of them in the process. Also the way the war ended was similar to the end of the book, as the war was finished when America stepped in, while the book ended when an adult found them and put an end to it. The book also shows a lot about the survival of the fittest, which can be seen when looking at the character Piggy.

I think Piggy was shown as the smartest boy on the island, he had good ideas and he was very level headed and because of the he should have been the leader. He knew what had to be done to survive and to get them rescued, but because of his physical appearance he was looked down on. This can be seen right at the beginning of the book where he offers to go with Jack and Ralph to explore the island, but Jack turns him down saying “You’re no good for a job like this” as he was overweight and has asthma.

Although there are no famous examples showing this, it is common thing that I’ve come across and I think that most others have as well. What happened on the island in Lord of the Flies is also similar to the split of Korea, which happened in the 1950’s. Although there were a lot more people and events involved in the split of Korea, the two events have

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