Impact of Apartheid and Importance of Anti-Apartheid Movement: Analytical Essay

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From the 1950’s until the 1990s, Apartheid contained a rebirth of racist legislation in South Africa. From this time, South Africa as well as the world was historically changed and separated through one word, Apartheid. Apartheid (meaning ‘apartness’) kept the white and non-white population separated and limited from each other. The non-white population were considered second class citizens and couldn’t experience a normal and fair life, which would eventually stop within decades until a policy was determined bringing in the Anti-Apartheid movement. The Anti-Apartheid movement, (initially known as the ‘Boycott Movement’) was an establishment created by Trevor Huddleston which worked towards supporting the non-white population of South Africa and releasing them from being persecuted by the original policies of Apartheid. As Apartheid was annihilated from the Anti-Apartheid movement, the world led to moving forward, abolishing legal discrimination.

The Anti-Apartheid movement did an astounding job at reducing the amount of racism shared around the world. It did this externally from countries putting economic pressure on South Africa as well as through internal resistance. While racism has initially reduced to this day, it still hasn’t 100% resolved. During Apartheid, the power of the racist white police rose gaining control with their discriminatory ways, seeming omnipotent. This issue has mostly resolved nowadays as in the western word it is unlawful especially as a police officer to discriminate from colour with the anti-discrimination laws. Two decades after apartheid came to an end, restaurants in Cape Town continued to discriminate against people of colour by not letting them book tables. South Africa’s racial tensions deteriorated as they fell into an economic stagnation. The black population are lacking jobs feeling as if the whites are still advantaged blaming racism for this unprivileged plight. The average income of non-white households has increased significantly over the last ten years, however, is 6 x below that of white households. This questions how much effect Anti-Apartheid had on the world, how it supposably got rid of racism, making people question if it ever even did.

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The effects from life after the Apartheid have particularly been devastating for the non-white population of children. The consequences of racism, bullying, unfairness and poverty have all negatively affected the lives of children of colour. This effects their full life from the trauma resulting into psychological disorders, and a generation of a disturbed childhood. This has affected the world now because those children are our generation. From their poor school education, they didn’t have the same materials to learn in their early days for what they need to know now when applying for jobs. This is a major issue in today’s society, leading them to a major disadvantage, creating lower employment for the people of colour.

Nelson Mandela, South Africa’s president after the fall of Apartheid influenced history through his reconciliation committees which offered forgiveness to offenders in return of them confessing to their crimes. Nelson’s idea was based on healing not punishing teaching the world to forgive trying to heal the wounds of Apartheid. He affected the world today by being the powerful political leader he was with faith and hope which therefor helped the US and Australia not want to trade with each other until South Africa dropped their racist laws. This effected the world dramatically as South Africa’s economic stability dropped.

As apartheid came to an end, Governments in south Africa were found corrupt since less people were voting. People who were getting into power were untrustworthy and shouldn’t have led the country, this eventually led to corruption which destabilized the economy. Because apartheid was withdrawn, it meant that companies could trade again which meant that their GDP and buying power went up. Although the murder rates have halved, this drastically means black employment SHOULD have gone up, but it didn’t. Although employment is an issue, the Governing party has been focusing on the African National Congress by building new housing for black South Africans but unfortunately concentrating on settlements by strengthening the physical criticisms of apartheid. Sadly, large amounts of the ‘leftover’ black population continue to be crouched down in filth sometimes on land that isn’t even legally theirs. The government is using this as an excuse for the unfairness on the jobs claiming they should come forward for them self. This is proven to show the racism that still lives in white people’s blood today.

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