Key Features of William Shakespeare

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Have you ever been blindsided by others? Or manipulated into going against your own personal beliefs? Well, Good morning to the English Teachers Association. Now Shakespeare has been named one of the best poets, playwrights and actor of his time by multiple people like John Dryden: “He was the man who of all modern, are perhaps ancient poets, had the largest and most comprehensive soul. But Shakespeare’s magic could not be copied be; within that circle none durst walk but he”. As you can properly tell Shakespeare was ahead of his time with his language, rang of plays, influence of literacy culture and exciting plots.

Language is one of the key components for Shakespeare being studied because of how he does not use simple words and forces them into the characters mouths. Instead, he uses words that are striking that stay with us during and after the play. Shakespeare also uses poetic techniques like Puns and metaphors. Range of plays is also found within the mix because of not every play that Shakespeare wrote was a major hit or successful, but he wrote a large body of plays. The two themes that outclassed the others include comedy and tragedy.

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Influence on literary culture is a key reason for Shakespeare being studied is how other writers use him in their own books or novels. Shakespeare is like the window into many writers after him.

Lastly, the forth-key element to Shakespeare being studied exciting Shakespeare’s is infrequently boring, he brings a wide range of characters with extraordinary traits to go with them: witches, ghosts, fairies, laughter, fighting, horror, romance, and bloodshed, are the best characters and themes that he used. His work is relevant because of how significantly relatable his stories and characters are, just because they are old does not mean that they are unreliable. Shakespeare’s characters are still popular in the modern day society for example Romeo, Juliet, Macbeth, Julius Ceaser and many more. These characters are so popular because of the given traits: roles and characterisation detailed upon them by Shakespeare, certain aspects of the characters help us feel connected to them or relatable. Characters play a very important role is stories is because the drive the story as a whole, different characters create different settings, emotions, conflicts and tension within the story. Shakespeare’s characters remain popular in today’s modern day because of how the characters are portrayed which therefore makes them relatable to its audience.

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