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Key Risks to the Mardi Gras Parade and Their Mitigation

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For the Mardi Gras parade, risk is in both the planning and execution stage. The most important risk involves cost and safety and the others listed below in Risk Breakdown Structure (RBS). These are additionally organized based on likelihood of their event to realize the seriousness related with the in all probability event.

Risk Mitigation Plan


  1. All sound, lighting, AV hardware or any set-up must be provided and fitted by an expert organization or registered organization
  2. All electrical gear (involving leads) ought to be labelled and tested to abide by industry standards.
  3. All hardware must be secured to your vehicle and you should have wet climate contingency to ensure this hardware safe.


  1. Have monthly meetings include delegates of SGLMG, NSW Police and stakeholders such as City of Sydney Council and the Transport Management Centre.
  2. Inform the participants and attendees to have enough sunscreen, water and other required amenities for the day.
  3. For drugs and alcohol senior officers should be implemented to review determinations made by arresting officer. Searches should be conducted in confined search areas a way that considers issues such as security and sexual orientation affectability.


  1. Set up a social justice committee to control social equality issues, battles focusing on unfair practices against individuals affecting LGBTQI people group
  2. Reach out to organisation to increase the community connection and help people in rural areas.
  3. Build up a committee for strategic planning and raising funds.

Project Management

Plan strategically to conduct the event keeping in mind the mission, vision and values of the organisation. To improve existing administrative procedures and communications routes, the committee should look for additional association benefits and approaches to improve engagement, with the goal that our members feel honoured to be a part SGLMG. Insights on distribution and movement of the crowd will help effective deployment of patrolling officers and volunteers

Performance Measurement

Performance of any event can be measured both quantitively and qualitatively. It helps in evaluating the financial stability and accomplishment of shirt term and long-term milestones. We can take following surveys to measure performance: 1) insights on people attended; 2) insights on the identity of attendees, places they visited and the length of their stay; 3) financial affect; 4) number of volunteers participated.

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Stakeholder Management

Stakeholders can characterize by key qualities, for example, their degree of risk; enthusiasm for the event; level of inclusion; money related and non-monetary commitments; benefits that they got.

For Mardi Gras parade attendees are the major stakeholder. The participants speak to the most noteworthy partner bunch as far as affecting the occasion and being affected by the occasion. They are the ones to get most affected and create more effect on the event. Interior environment involves the people working to create and deliver the spectacular event. As needs be, the accompanying key partners are recognized: 1) event planners, coordinators and volunteers; 2) government bodies who give monetary and in-kind help, for example, regulating the traffic and crowd, implementing guideline, and other regulatory help; 3) corporate and other sponsors. Backing from the stakeholders help in upscaling of the event.

The people group setting incorporates the details of the host area that could affect the occasion. The idiosyncrasies of a provincial town network should be considered from the point of view of two key gatherings: local occupant and businesspeople. The local people re affected by the interruptions brought about by the occasion, for example, the situation of signage, blockades, and street terminations. Their commitment through making the town satisfactory and inviting guests is basic to the kept arranging of the events. Disappointment with any segment could create negative impact on tourist.

Difference in Event and Construction Project

  • Time and Venue available for limited hours.
  • Physical deliverables are much more complex for live events for example designing, printing, shipping.
  • Big Events involve higher stakes and the outcomes will be seen by a large number of spectators.
  • Events expenses needs to be tracked constantly as planned vs. actual costs.
  • Scheduling events needs WBS in hour or even minute-by-minute planning for the day(s) of the occasion.
  • High stakes unwavering quality Wi-Fi and cell sign aren't constantly solid on location, when groups need availability most. Applications need to work without a solid web connection or have a backup.
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