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Leadership Style And Change Advocacy Statement

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Table of contents

  1. Personal Leadership Style
  2. Change Advocacy Statement
  3. Conclusion

For this assignment, I am tasked with taking my personal leadership style and elaborating on how I utilize it my leadership role as an RN supervisor at my place of employment in order to perform my duties on an everyday basis. Nurse leadership is a very important position to be in due to it creating somewhat of a standard for others to follow and then pass it on to those that may follow them in the future. For my future MSN role as a Nurse Executive, I hope to utilize said style to help better the workplace not only for those who are employed there, but more so for the those we provide healthcare to on a daily basis. Secondly, I will present my change advocacy statement along with my rationale to defend it. Finally, a conclusion to sum up this paper and my thoughts on said paper and the lesson learned as I prepared it.

Personal Leadership Style

According to Aij & Rapsaniotis (2017), leadership is a progression where one individual sets the drive or course for one or more individuals and helps them to progress and with complete obligation. Through servant leadership, the leader shows value in the individuals through trust in them as well as listening to their ideas attentively. My personal leadership style is servant leadership. This leadership style suits me because of the unselfish nature that drives it. In saying this, I mean that I have a purpose of putting others needs before my own and commit myself to their competency to help them excel. When applying this to my future role as a Nurse Executive, I would be able to make great strides in employing my staff by inserting them in the forefront so to speak, doing this allows them to lead and utilize their critical thinking skills and education. I believe doing this, will allow them to become the excellent healthcare providers that they maybe never knew they were!

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Change Advocacy Statement

According to Davoodvand, Abbaszadeh, & Ahmadi (2016), nurses are the initial advocates of patients, and are the liaison between the patient and the health care organization. In reference to my change advocacy statement, I feel there is a need for change in the way insulin orders are verified after being written by the physician, before being verified in the EMAR and verification of administration by the med nurse .I feel that patient safety is of the utmost importance and with said change advocacy statement I will be able to get those involved in the process of ordering and administration of insulin into this frame of thinking, in regards to the extreme need for patient safety and assurance they are receiving the best care from our organization. With this process in place, the percentage of error will be none at the most and minimal at the least!


In closing this assignment, I feel that I am secure in my choice of leadership style of servant leadership. I am also confident that my change advocacy statement will be heard by those involved in said process and become the primary process in insulin dosage and administration, not only for the safety of the patients we care for, but for all those involved as well! In my future MSN role as a Nurse Executive, I plan to utilize the knowledge I have acquired in this module’s readings and research build on my leadership qualities and hopefully create more change advocacy in order to attain and provide the best healthcare practices for those we care for on a daily basis.

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