Marketing Strategies of Walt Disney: Analytical Essay

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Executive Summary:

The purpose of this project is to understand Entrepreneur and their marketing strategies. The entrepreneur that I selected is Walt Disney. Walter Elias Disney was an American entrepreneur, animator, voice actor, and film producer. A pioneer of the American animation industry, he introduced several developments in the production of cartoons. The project consists of Walt Disney the marketing strategies and growth strategies. The project helped us gain in-depth knowledge of how marketing concepts can be used to analyze and judge the growth as well as the working prospects of a company and its strategies.

His unconventional approach has helped the company generate profit constantly. Throughout the course of this project, a thorough analysis of the company was done. The tools used for the analysis were

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  • Disney’s Creative Strategy: The Dreamer, The Realist and The Critic
  • Disney’s Generic Competitive Strategy & Intensive Growth Strategies
  • The Walt Disney Company’s Generic Strategy for Competitive Advantage (Porter’s Model)
  • The Walt Disney Company’s Intensive Strategies for Growth

About Walt Disney:

Walter Elias Disney (December 5, 1901 – December 15, 1966) became an American enterprise entrepreneur, artist, voice entertainer and filmmaker. A pioneer of the American motion enterprise, he supplied a few improvements in the introduction of kids indicates. As a moviemaker, Disney holds the record for most Academy Awards earned by way of a person, having won 22 Oscars from fifty-nine assignments. He becomes given two Golden Globe unique fulfillment Awards and an Emmy Award, among different distinctions. Some of his films are integrated into the countrywide film Registry by way of the Library of Congress.

Born in Chicago in 1901, Disney built up an early enthusiasm for illustration. He took craftsmanship lessons as a kid and determined a brand new line of work as a business artist at 18 years antique. He moved to California in the mid-Twenties and installed the Disney Brothers Studio with his sibling Roy. With Ub Iwerks, Walt built up the person Mickey Mouse in 1928, his first fantastically widely recognized success; he likewise gave a voice to his creation within the early years. as the studio evolved, Disney grew to become out to be step by step daring, imparting synchronized sound, complete-shading three-strip Technicolor, complete length children's suggests and specialized upgrades in cameras. The results, located in highlights, as an instance, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937), Pinocchio, Fantasia (1940), Dumbo (1941), and Bambi (1942), superior the development of the vivified movie. New energized and actual lifestyles films trailed international warfare II, consisting of the basically fruitful Cinderella (1950) and Mary Poppins (1964), the final of which were given five Academy Awards.

In the course of the Fifties, Disney increased into the entertainment park enterprise, and in 1955 he opened Disneyland. To subsidize the assignment he was more desirable into television programs, for an instance, Walt Disney's Disneyland and The Mickey Mouse Club; he was additionally engaged with arranging the 1959 Moscow honest, the 1960 iciness Olympics, and the 1964 NY global fair. In 1965, he began the development of another amusement park, Disney global, the middle of which turned into to be any other kind of city, the 'Exploratory Prototype network of the next day (EPCOT). Disney become a big smoker for a super period and gave up the ghost of lung malignant increase in December 1966 preceding both the undertaking center or the EPCOT challenge had been finished.

Disney was a shy, self-deprecating and insecure man in person but followed a heat and outgoing public persona. He had excessive requirements and high expectations of those with whom he labored. Although there were accusations that he became racist or anti-Semitic, they were contradicted by means of many who knew him. His recognition changed in the years after his loss of life, from a purveyor of homely patriotic values to a consultant of Yankee imperialism. He although stays a vital discern in the history of animation and in the cultural records of the USA, in which he's considered a countrywide cultural icon. His movie paintings remain proven and adapted; his namesake studio and enterprise continue to excessive standards in its manufacturing of famous enjoyment, and the Disney entertainment parks have grown in size and variety to draw traffic in numerous countries.

Strategies of Walt Disney:

Disney’s Creative Strategy: The Dreamer, The Realist, and The Critic:

Recently, we introduced a number of methods and tools to fuel innovation and creativity inside organizations through innovative questioning and brainstorming, as an example, Lego Serious Play, De Bono Six questioning Hats, and Reversed Brainstorming. Disney's innovative strategy is any other apparatus for resourceful reasoning and turned into roused through Walt Disney.

He became successful in finding inventive thoughts and changing over them into the real world. In mild of a close-by accomplice, he used to the country 'There were absolutely three different Walts: the visionary, the pragmatist, and the spoiler. You never knew which one became going to the gathering.'

Walt Disney's method became featured and confirmed later in 1994 by using NLP grasp Robert Dilts. He characterized the strategy as Disney's technique for transforming his myth into the actual global. On this approach, the gathering of people makes use of a specific reasoning circulation that fabricates parallel reasoning that may be applied to create, examine, investigate the mind, and address problems.

Even though the technique becomes now not fully advanced by Walt Disney, it bridges the gap between creativity and truth. The creative method unlocks the thoughts’ capabilities to dream and shape unexpected ideas and answers for current problems. But, those answers may not be relevant in reality and may not be able to be implemented as a strategic plan. Therefore, one if the advantages of Disney’s creative strategy method are balancing both dream and reality as a way to build a feasible layout.

Preparing for Disney’s Creative Strategy:

In order to prepare the team for Disney’s creative strategy; four parts of the room are set for each questioning method. The primary part is for dreaming and imagination, the second component is for realists and/or making plans, the third component is for critics and the fourth component is for purchasing the thoughts outside the thinking flow.

The idea of putting a wondering location for every level within the method is to put together the team thoughts to exchange thinking modes from one to some other. The region can be a room, an open space workplace or an outdoor garden.

The team gathers with a goal to acquire, this target may be a dream to show into fact, a layout to visualize, a hassle to clear up or a technique to improve. But, the history of Disney’s method qualifies it to fit with innovative brainstorming to assist flip dreams into relevant projects.

The strategy is based on three main stages; the dreamer, the realist, and the critic. Each stage represents a style of thinking and it should be applied in the same sequence as below:

The dreamer:

Usually, any innovative idea starts off evolving with a dream complete of passion and exuberance. In normal meetings, this dreaming fashion is halted with the aid of truth and does no longer have the space to head similarly on. Mentioned in the information. In this Disney innovative method, the primary stage allows the group to proportion their dream without no restrictions or grievances. This helps to construct a pool of creative ideas. Some of these thoughts are feasible and others aren't. Figuring out viable innovative concepts comes later because of the second and third thinking styles.

The realist:

Now, finally, follows the realist style. The institution switches the spot and mode to assume in a gradually sensible arranging fashion. In view of the number one stage, the contributors imagine that the delusion is viable and begin setting intends to accomplish it. The planned way to convert the nonexistent mind into a realistic pastime plan. To this degree, every one of the issues have to be valuable and goal reworking the thought right into a real plan.

The Critic:

After having a plan to turn the concept into reality, the critic-questioning tends to find out the limitations of making use of the idea and how to conquer it. In this consultation, the team presents a positive critique for the idea on the way to locate the susceptible points and clear up it the very last solution.

Disney’s Generic Competitive Strategy & Intensive Growth Strategies

This business analysis reflects strategic management efforts. The company’s generic strategy focuses on developing competitive advantages based on innovation in product development. Disney’s intensive strategies are implemented with strategic objectives for maximizing the growth benefits of such innovation. For example, the company grows by introducing technologically enhanced products, such as movies for customers in the international market. In the context of Michael Porter’s model, The Walt Disney Company’s generic competitive strategy and intensive growth strategies are aligned for product-focused development.

The Walt Disney Company’s Generic Strategy for Competitive Advantage (Porter’s Model)

Disney makes use of product differentiation as its conventional method for aggressive benefit. Michael Porter’s version states that this method includes precise merchandise furnished to many market segments. As instance, the industrial organization employer offers its entertainment merchandise to almost anyone in worldwide, mainly with a middle emphasis on family-oriented programming. In this frequent aggressive approach, first-rate and forte via innovation differentiate the commercial enterprise company’s products from the opposition. The subsidiary Walt Disney Imagineering research & improvement, Inc. has devoted organizations to ensure the uniqueness of amusement reviews inside the enterprise’s subject count number of parks and hotels. The business enterprise’s widespread growth strategies and associated strategic objectives are carried out along this typical method, with emphasis on differentiated aggressive benefits to useful resources and managing employer growth.

The Walt Disney organization employer’s popular aggressive method pushes for product-centered strategic desires. Such business employer recognition is important for supporting product improvement efforts to distinguish the organization from the competition. For instance, the strategic aim of growing new augmented truth merchandise provides to the uniqueness of Disney revel in. based totally on this significant approach, a few different applicable strategic purpose is to enhance competitive advantages thru advertising techniques that red meat up the individuality of the business company’s emblem. Those advertising and marketing techniques are a part of Disney’s marketing and marketing advertising and marketing blend or 4Ps. moreover, associated managerial efforts make contributions to the success of Disney’s organization

assignment and imaginative and prescient statements within the worldwide marketplace for entertainment, mass media, and subject-depend park merchandise. Brand region of know-how permits in carrying out business enterprise manipulation. Considering the differentiation normal competitive approach in Porter’s version, substantial techniques must include differentiation to increase the commercial enterprise.

The Walt Disney Company’s Intensive Strategies for Growth

Product Development (Primary):

Product Development is The Walt Disney business enterprise’s number one in-depth increase approach. This strategy entails imparting new products in the enterprise’s modern or existing markets. As an example, the agency releases new films with corresponding products to generate greater profits from its target customers internationally. This employer evaluation additionally sheds mild on the importance of Disney’s organizational shape, which gives the organizational layout to effectively manipulate product development. This in-depth method hyperlinks to the differentiation regular aggressive strategy in emphasizing specialty in product improvement. An associated strategic objective is to obtain business increase through correctly persuading customers to buy Disney’s merchandise on the idea of their particular attributes, together with in leisure experience.

Market Penetration (Secondary):

The Walt Disney Corporation achieves a boom partly thru market penetration. As a secondary intensive approach, marketplace penetration lets in increase thru developing income of existing products in the enterprise’s contemporary markets. For instance, one of the company’s strategic desires is to use aggressive advertising and marketing to increase its revenues from merchandise released inside the international enjoyment corporation. The enterprise strengths tested in the SWOT assessment of Disney contribute to fulfillment in implementing this in-depth increase method. A strong brand based on the differentiation common approach creates a competitive advantage to draw clients to the enterprise’s products and to govern customers’ expectations.

Market Development:

Market development is an extensive increase strategy that is less frequently used inside the Walt Disney employer’s enterprise. In developing the business, this extensive method requires the business enterprise to introduce its existing merchandise to new markets or marketplace segments. As an example, the boom is performed through setting up operations in new markets, which includes a brand new Disneyland enjoyment park to capture a regional marketplace. Regardless of aggressive demanding situations, access into new markets can grow the enterprise's strengths to manage the industry's competitive forces shown in Porter’s five Forces analysis of Disney. A key strategic objective in market development is to apply the differentiation generic aggressive strategy to correctly introduce the enterprise’s merchandise into new markets.


The Walt Disney enterprise makes use of diversification as an assisting extensive approach for business increase. Developing or obtaining new organizations is the standard method on this intensive increase approach. For example, thru the status quo of the Disney Cruise Line, the corporation grew by means of coming into the cruise line marketplace of the tourism and hospitality industries. The differentiation prevalent strategy develops the competitive gain of recent enterprise operations that use the business enterprise’s logo. Beneath diversification, a strategic objective is to control aggressive challenges via growing new companies that grow the employer’s presence and logo recognition in the worldwide market.

How it inspires students to become entrepreneurs?

The way Walt Disney encourages me to grow to be an entrepreneur is within the fashion industry. Being a student who has a passion for fashion it inspires me to apply and broaden Walt Disney. Being in the style enterprise creativity in fashion and design is precipitated by means of the need to grow quality, the need to increase the price for cash, achievement of brand identification and individuality. As an end result, most style designers have portrayed their pastimes in wondering about new layout ideas. Now that we've got hooked up on how important creativity is to business success, ways to get your employees engaged in extra innovative questioning and thoughts. With a place of attention in each marketing and style vending. Importance of Creativity in commercial enterprise Innovative commercial enterprise thoughts set organizations other from one another.

Creativity is critical for companies nowadays, specifically whilst the marketplace is depending on a progressive, breaking era. The collaboration of creative minds has the potential to push creative enterprise ideas into truth. Creative thinking increases productiveness. Other than a strong concept, one of the maximum important components of a business is increased productiveness. It is had to ensure that demands are met and that clients are glad. Specific advantages of creativity inside the place of work include: ... leads to boredom, however too much challenge ends in emotions of being beaten. Stable goals are also crucial due to the fact it's miles hard to paint creatively toward a transferring goal. One of the vital matters that an enterprise needs to be successful is creative thinking. Creativity in fashion and design is triggered by the need to increase quality, the need to increase value for money, achievement of brand identity and individuality. As a result, most fashion designers have portrayed their interests in thinking of new design ideas each business must be able to compete with their competition and preserve up with today's tendencies within the industry. They ought to make some decisions to ensure that the productivity of the enterprise increases. “The Importance of Creativity in Business. Organizations today operate in a highly competitive, global environment, making creativity crucial. Creativity is what fuels big ideas, challenges employees' way of thinking, and opens the door to new business opportunities. You can have great ideas, but not be innovative.”


As a result of the three main stages above in Disney’s creative strategy, the team reaches a stable innovative concept with a motion plan to use it. The first stage focuses on the creative aspect and sharing creative ideas and solutions. The second stage focuses on truth and how to show the idea into an action plan and finally, the third stage aims to identify the weakness in the idea and overcome it in the final plan.

Walt Disney Company is an enterprise that is a model for other businesses. they've many enterprise gadgets that have the capacity to generate huge quantities of revenue. With an envisioned Internet worth of over $85 billion dollars, Walt Disney has different its hobbies to always provide earnings to the commercial enterprise. If Disney can place a few recognition at the threats and weaknesses they face, it'll supply them greater opportunities to extend into an even greater explosive company. The growth into growing countries will permit them to truly develop and expose countries to their many ventures to experience the happiest area on the planet. “Disneyland, Walt Disney and their characters have given a lot of happiness inside the previous few decades that people have forgotten that they're also a profit-making enterprise.” (Bhasin, 2016) The inner analysis is, in reality, one this is first-rate because in each ounce of study shows their strengths and opportunities out weight their threats and weaknesses. Walt Disney is a strategic enterprise and is a version to businesses striving to acquire greatness as they make they're proper their higher and they're better at their best. Disney is an extremely aggressive business that offers excessive levels amusing and entertainment for all and sundry is willing to visit or put money into their merchandise. They’ll remain a first-rate dealer of joy, and this may permit them to continually provide enjoyment in contrast to every other.

While other creative thinking methods such as Six Thinking Hats do not restrict a specific sequence for the steps, Disney’s Creative Strategy needs to follow the steps as stated above.


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