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Essay on Walt Disney's Way of Life

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A brief chronology of key life events:

Walt Disney was born on 5 December 1901, in Chicago to his parents Elias and Flora. Walt died on the 15 of December 1966 because of lung cancer, this cancer was because of him smoking constantly. Walt Disney's full name is Walt Elias Disney. On October 16, 1923, Walt Disney founded the worldwide creation, Disney. Disney started in the rear of a small office. When WWII began, the US Army overtook some of its studios to house troops, but Disney was still able to create Bambi in the back of one of the studios. Walt Disney's family moved to a farm when Walt was young.

During this time he spent a lot of his time drawing and imagining, but when Walt’s father became very ill they had to sell the farm and move to a different part of the country, Kansas City, Mo.

While living in Missouri, Walt got a paper route so that he and his family could fix their financial situation. It is because of his first company that Walt Disney found his love and passion for movies and film. Walt Disney’s brother helped him and gave him a place at his first job.

I knew that the famous Walt Disney created the world phenomenon Disney on 16 October 1923.

I was surprised that Walt Disney was able to create Bambi with half a theatre.

Walt Disney found his passion and love for movies at school before he went. When he was young before he moved to his farm, he used to draw for the school newspaper. He loved to do this. I believe that this was his first step into his passion for cartoons.

Nature Vs Nurture:

Nature is when you have been handed down something from your parents. Nurture is when you have learned how to do something or you have been influenced by someone so that you follow them.

Walt Disney’s father was terribly strict at disciplining his children. He would give Walt and his brother a beating in their daily routine. This caused Walt to go to their barn and draw cartoons. Because of this, he found his love for cartoons and movies. Walt Disney was always trying to find a way to escape his father's brutality. This brutality had a small effect on Walt Disney when he was at Disney. He had a dress code for his parks, anyone with long hair or facial hair had to leave. This showed discrimination possibly because of his father's creulty. He then changed this later on. Walt Disney’s father owned a paper route company. During his childhood, Walt Disney also had to deliver papers. Walt hated this. Especially when he had to deliver in 3-meter-high snow and blizzards. If Walt Disney's father had never abused him then the worldwide phenomenon would never have been created.

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5 Minds for The Future:

1st Mind:

I believe that Walt Disney had a Creating Mind.

The Creating Mind:

Is a mind that can expand and think in a different way. They are able to go ahead of existing knowledge, create a strong question, create new ideas, and Help build of old creations to make them better. Creativity can be spread across many subjects. Walt Disney shows creativity when he was young and old.

Youth Creativity:

When Walt Disney was young he was abused by his father which caused him to go to their barn and draw cartoon drawings. His creativity of drawing was immaculate. He created drawings and got ideas from the barn animals. The barn that he drew in was the only place where he could escape from his dad. Walt Disney then went on to get a job as a Newspaper artist on his road to glory.

Adult Creativity:

When Walt Disney was older he still had ideas and used that for his company and put them into movies.

2nd Mind:

I believe that Walt Disney had an Ethical Mind as well.

The Ethical Mind:

The ethical mind is a mind that is able to merge tasks together and strive towards his goals and good work and to be a good citizen. Walt Disney created an attraction to people of all ages. Walt Disney was able to make some of his movies during the war. This shows that he was able to multi-task and work with two tasks acting like they are one. He never stopped trying to reach his goals and when he did reach one goal he was ready to finish the next.

Walt Disney’s Legacy:

The impact Walt Disney gave to the world was colossal. Walt changed the life of imagination and showed children where your imagination can take us and what you achieve with it.

Walt Disney contributed to the society of world by showing people what you can do with your imagination and dreams. Walt Disney encouraged me to use my imagination more before then I was playing video games and not expressing what I have to offer. Walt Disney made sure that he would do things the best way he could and he never gave up. When Walt had finished one topic or challenge he would not give up right there and then. He would make sure that his company had the best appliances. Walt Disney wanted to encourage children to use their imagination and curiosity, instead of them sitting in classrooms and being told to write things down. He encouraged everyone to follow and pursue their dreams. I believe that Walt Disney really inspired people to follow their dreams even if the whole world seems to be against them because that is what happened to him. His father abused him, yet he found his happy space. When the war came and the soldiers used his studios Walt Disney still made movies such as Bambi.

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