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Media and Cultural Analysis of the TV Show ‘Fresh Off the Boat’: Critical Essay

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We can't be a part of the present society without being influenced by the steady stream of intervened culture: digital news, TV, social media, out-of-home experience, different cultural policies to high design, fashion and lifestyle. It basically explores the connections between culture, media and society. The remarkable TV show ‘Fresh Off the Boat’ exhibits critical media and cultural differences with the incorporation of the non-Western world. It acquaints the watchers with the key contemporary issues talked about through the use of media. This TV show thinks about basic issues in media and social examinations in their full worldwide intricacy, with an attention on the way of life and social orders of Asia and America.

The issue of ideology is a vital proposition in Marxist theory, as well as in the TV series ‘Fresh Off the Boat’. By adhering to the essential scholarly rule that man's social being decides his social cognizance, they characterized ideology as a receptive instrument and social capacity as far as the interrelationship of financial, political and mental life; characterized its emotional component and class traits as far as the commonly generative and prescriptive relations between social awareness and social elements. One of the clearest, most essential topics in the TV show is the ruling and sorting out job of whoever controls the plot, from whom streams all thoughts of significant worth and request. This is in tandem of the Karl Marx's theory and hypothesis: the base is the methods and relations of generation, though the superstructure involves the thoughts that rise up out of the idea of the base and that shape and look after it, including the ruling class ideology. As Marx composes, the thoughts of the ruling class are in each age the ruling thoughts, similarly in the TV show ‘Fresh Off the Boat’ this is very well depicted initially in the small scene in Season 1 Episode 1 (17:16-17:30), where a Taiwanese origin boy (Eddie) is called a chink (Chinese racial slur) because of his face recognition. They are 11 years old, and according to the 1965 Immigration Act that had already passed but still racism existed. The irony in the scene is that a black ethnicity boy called him that while the black ethnic people were ones to bring the Immigration Act. This belief system turns into the just a single group of onlookers who truly feel pervades the show, for example in the same episode there is a short scene in the starting (3:45- 4:00) where there is a white ethnic group with the leader named Deidre which seemed really nice giving the introduction turned out to make fun of the name Jessica, who was Eddie’s mom and one of the main characters of the show. She bluntly told her that she was expecting something more exotic making the sense that she (Jessica) is not here from America, which is true, but also portraying that there is a kind of country copyright on the name Jessica, which is basically limited to white ethnic groups. One can argue that there is also little bit of irony in this, since Deidre is not such a common name so in order to protect herself from getting name shamed. Deidre sarcastically also makes fun of Eddie's English accent by telling him that his English is very good while making a weird noise. Hence, Marxist theory about the economic base as the driving force of society is especially interesting in clarifying how the ruling class thoughts work. It likewise underscores the significance of thinking about popular culture in connection to its specific situation. The superstructure is made by the people who assume themselves as superior and tend to downgrade the other by whatever means possible.

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According to Said, ‘Orientalism’ is the term created to describe the study of the dynamics between the two different cultures. Orientalism communicates and represents to that part socially and even ideologically as a method of talk with supporting establishments, vocabulary, grant, symbolism, teachings, even pilgrim organizations. It will be obvious to any person that by Orientalism Said fundamentally implies a wide range of things, and as needs be they are associated, among them ‘readily accepted designation' for Orientalism is an academic one. One function of present-day prejudice is that at whatever point Asian Americans are considered by dominant groups, their societies are sifted through the viewpoint of orientalism — East Asians are othered and exotified for strange cooking, shy personages, particular traditions and antiquated insider facts. However, ‘Fresh Off the Boat’ discovers its novelty in turning around the predominant, top-down account encompassing Asian America, rather setting the group of onlookers in the shoes of the Huang family. Hence, as of late, movies, TV, music, and even online networking outlets have additionally fortified the generalizations of the 'orients'. For instance, the ABC satire ‘Fresh Off the Boat’ as of late got heaps of criticism for making its Asian characters appear to be confused, excessively conventional, and inconsiderate, which many thought were stereotypes as well as excessively connected to Asian individuals. Clearly, these stereotypes haven't left, and the extraordinary power of the media is making them considerably more grounded. Eddie explores his new social condition with equivalent amounts of perplexity and undaunted certainty. He stares at his colleagues' responses to a sharp home-arranged lunch, asks his mom to get him 'white people food'; he focuses on basketball and hip-hop music, an ‘anthem’ for 'outsiders' like him and his proclivity for dark culture marks him as considerably all the more extraordinary and odd among the Caucasian understudies at his private Christian school. While it might appear that it's superfluous for Asian Americans to battle for acknowledgment these days, uncontrolled whitewashing, yellowface and Orientalism still plague the society. The community is still subject to pretentious types of prejudice.

According to a study the model minority stereotype entered the talk on Asian Americans through predominant press' justification of Asian Americans' monetary accomplishment in 1960s, denoting a noteworthy change in social view of Asian Americans. While utilizing the model minority stereotype, ‘Fresh Off the Boat’ is respected as an enchanting and interesting family sitcom. It offers a rich site that would enable us to stay in contact with contemporary exhibitions of Asian American personalities in the media. The model minority talk would not be conceivable without anecdotes about Asian Americans and their prosperity. There is harmoniousness between what is considered as verifiable records of Asian Americans and the substance of the model minority generalization. Asian Americans are an ethnically different gathering who have landed in the United States in tremendously extraordinary conditions. There is actually an Season 1 Episode 2 of ‘Fresh Off the Boat’, depicting how the myth works and how it has reached the masses of people. At the start of the episode (0:00-0:39), when the American people are worried about whether their child would get addicted to drugs, the immigrant people for Asia are shown to be only skeptical about reports card and grades. Later, as the episode streams, it also depicts that how the Asian American people are cheap (1:30-1:32), which also became the content of many stand-up comedians like Russell Peters, thus taking the model minority myth forward and reaching out to people who are not even aware of it. Depiction of it also creates havoc among the people, which in turn creates publicity for the show, but creates differences and tend to lead people towards wrong direction.

‘Fresh Off the Boat’ is elegantly composed, all the while engaging its audiences and reliably captivating, benefiting as much as possible from the Huang family's solitary identities and the rural Orlando, Florida. The cast of the show played roles with their own personalities and professions. The behind the camera group of production, direction, cinematography, writing and others are all from various ethnic backgrounds, which makes it all the appealing to the viewers.

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