Survival of Print Media in the Twenty-First Century: Analytical Essay

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Print media is an important and cheapest source of communication. The print side of things has declined in recent years. Part of the decline is due simply to technological advancement. The Internet has been one of the major reasons print media has declined in readership in the past decade. Even large daily newspapers aren’t able to keep up with up to the news that can be found on your computer screen.

It came into notice. The debate was started soon after the development was taking place in technology where it is was seen that electronic media will soon take over print media. But still it can be seen clearly that even electronic media has become the central attention, for accurate information people prefer written materials such as books, articles, journals, newspaper written by different authors, journalists or politicians, which basically gives proof to the reader that the point typed in any written material is accurate and authentic. This shows that print media has its own importance as it will survive in the twenty-first century as well.

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There are many people who prefer reading books as a joy and passing their free time, which shows that how print media has still a place in the society. There are many historical books that are in their perfect conditions and many historical events have been set in it which is not available on electronic media.

It is impossible that print media will get abolished as through print media such as books, assessment sheets, etc., students learn how to read and write properly, whereas in electronic media where students with young minds are unable to do, as reading material will give their minds a strong impact due to which they will learn faster and for a very long time.

Many universities have started to use electronic media, but still it should be remembered that the use of print media is not yet finished, the greatest proof is the availability of libraries in universities and schools for the students. Not every information on electronic media is correct as anyone can publish their written material on the Internet by using social media, but in print media it takes years for the person to publish books, articles, etc. The publisher confirms that the information is correct and it takes many years to publish a book, which shows its authenticity, for example: the book on India and Pakistan nuclearization took seven years to get published.

It should not be forgotten that the existence of digital or electronic media is because of print media as it has given a main idea for electronic media to make or to develop online articles where students can access them. It has given an idea for locals to read newspaper online which was once read on paper.

Electronic media is where technology can be hacked easily, but print media is available in the form of paper, therefore it can be kept confidential. For example: recently a bank in Lahore was hacked and all the clients’ amount was misplaced as well, no computer was showing the accurate result due to the fact there were print media (documents) which actually showed the actual amount the bank had to pay back.

Print media is a cost-effective tool that can be used by use for daily use, for example: newspapers, magazines, journals, books, etc. There are still many places, such as villages and small towns, where people do not have the access to the Internet, so in that case people use print media to get the daily information about the world or society.

The ads that are given on magazines are more effective then on electronic media as the ads may disappear after some time, but in print media it will last forever and will give a long-lasting effect on the people (readers). Moreover, people are scared to click on ads where they might get virus in their electronic media device, so it shows that some users are unable to see the ad, so in that case, print media takes a higher place. Well, many people who cannot afford ads on social media, so they use catalogs which are then distributed among people, which gives a strong impact on people, for example, restaurant ads or brochures.

Business men who are dealing with other people and want to introduce themselves to different companies will send their printed cards for contacts and brochures so that other companies would get interested and should deal with them. For example, EY Company that deals with accounts, Berger paints who wants to enhance their business.

Newspapers around the world are struggling with the same question of how to change the audience of their websites and cope with the shift in viewers and advertising share.

Worldwide, it’s fairly clear that the Internet and mobile phones are disrupting media systems. In particular, print newspapers are in decline, as many struggle to compete with online and news sources. In compare, magazines have benefited from digital technology, capitalizing on role interests and digital platforms. Caught between squeezing expenses and even more rapidly squeezing editorial freedom, print publications are being silenced into becoming something they actually are a cure to, a white noise that drowns the silence, and a social media that looks busy in doing nothing meaningful. Bringing newspapers and magazines online has also not solved the problem. It is entirely likely that the digital age will cause some newspapers to fail. But others will likely continue to succeed, mainly since many advertisers still see print media as the best way to promote their products. Even though digital advertising is cheaper, its value is far lower than that of print advertising. Indeed, there has been an ongoing transformation within the magazine industry that is driven by digitalization, while the printed magazine was previously the center around which all of its other business revolved, magazines are now multi-media brands.

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