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Modernism vs Romanticism

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Romanticism can be defined as a type of reaction alongside age that involves logical decision-making and reasoning. Romanticism as an ideology is comprised of three main themes which include human emotions, the love of nature, as well as the belief in the supernatural. The concept of romanticism involves strong emotions, a festivity of the individual, curiosity of the normal man as well as babyhood, the admiration of nature as well as imagination (Furst and Lilian).

Romanticism's historical creation first originated back in the second half of the eighteenth century in Europe. This was defined as the romantic era or period. At this time romanticism was termed to be a literary, artistic, and intellectual movement. Romanticism gained strength firstly in response to industrial 1. Back in the 18th century, romanticism was a type of movement which swept both Russia and Western Europe. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, romanticism expanded to North America. It drew a lot of energy and inspiration from various areas and sources as a movement. These sources included increasing fatigue with “rule by the few”, the “rage for roots” which was activated by language discoveries, the resounding victory of both American and French revolts and far ahead widespread wars fighting for liberation, and also a rising sense which the inventive potentials inherent to the firm type of formalism for the enlighten philosophy, as well as art, had been exhausted. Romanticism has four different basic tenets. These tenets include humankind which is inherently good which follows the fact that if Mother Nature is good, all human being and their natural environment and state will also be good definitely.

Another tenet of romanticism states that nature is good. Many romantic poets like Wordsworth supposed that initially, nature was pure but later it was corrupted by the civilization of many human beings (Duff and David p.25). Many other romantic poets believed redeeming spirituality and God might be set up in nature. Numerous poems explain the prettiness of Mother Nature as well as the peace, harmony as well as solace found in nature that it brings to the human soul. In addition, other tenets of romanticism state that both simplicity and imagination are good. The ideological expectation of romanticism includes realism, love, happiness, sadness, ambitions, power, fear as well as struggle. The ideology of romanticism has had a great influence both on the participation and expectations in romantic relationships in many different ways. Some of these ways include the idea of being real with myself when choosing a partner for a romantic relationship. I would consider going for a partner whom I see the capabilities of them becoming a perfect match or a perfect lover for my life rather than a person who may not match me and my character perfectly.

The basics of many romantic relationships are based on someone’s feelings toward the opposite gender whom they are interested in a romantic relationship. According to the tenets of the ideology of romanticism, I agree with the tenet that states that nature is good and had purity before it was corrupted by the civilization of human beings. This is because God created nature and put all that mankind deserved and wanted to be satisfied and live in it peacefully and happily. Man had to make full use of what God provided and this favored their romanticism and their relationships with their partners. The beauty of nature is also another factor that favors romanticism and romantic relationships specifically. I also agree with the romanticism tenet which states that humankind is inherently good. The goodness of people is based on the condition of nature. Nature directly influences the goodness of people. In other words, if nature is good romantic relationships are highly favored.

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Modernism popped up as a philosophical movement, describing involved realism, romanticism, and renaissance beliefs in previous eras. Modernism also became popular in art and architecture designs during the 1940s to 1980s. Modern is a broad design term that typically refers to home design during the 20th century, modern style is presented in smooth, crisp lines such as geometric shapes, and natural elements but also included man-made materials with a simple color palette.

As far as the factors that shaped modernism are concerned, there was the expansion in modern industrial societies that created rapid growth for the cities but unfortunately caught up with the arrival of World War I. Modernism was formed on an idealistic vision of human life and society and a belief in progress to move forward, by it expressed religion or science that explains reality. Modernism emerged in society such as art pieces (Ben Nicholson OM), with straight lines that highlighted its elegance.

“Modernism released us from the constraints of everything that had gone before with a euphoric sense of freedom.”- Arthur Erickson. Multiple authors and artists began to question the reality of things through literature and art. Modernism was the breakthrough through the traditional norms. It changed the way multiple things were viewed such as science, arts, politics, and life itself. We would be analyzing the history, origins in art, characteristics of a modernist novel, notable authors of the era, and the chain reaction that started off postmodernism.

The beginning of modernism began in the late 19th century and continued on to the beginning of the 20th. It was during a time of contumacy among authors. They were set on the concept that everything being fed to them was nothing but pure lies. So they decided to write what they interpreted as their own sole reality. These accusations of lies were believed because of World War I and its savagery. During this period of time, World War I became known as one of the deadliest battles to ever be seen in society. The War introduced many levels of change that no one had ever seen before, such as destruction and massacres all over the world. Also, the technology used was new to society thus making them question if everything they were being told was true, and to them, it was not. It proposes a new meaning to what death itself meant. By the end of the war, society faced the aftermath of its wrecking impairment. The repercussion of the war was drastic, where more than 16 million people were killed and murdered in the process of it. Due to these deaths, modernism took over the literature world.

Although to be presumed to have been greatly influenced by the war. The modernism era actually began year priors in the 1800”s. Modernism is described as an innovation alluding to a worldwide development in the aspect of literature and culture that arose from the early years of the twentieth century. It looked for another way of seeing the reality of things with the experience and estimations of present-day life. Expanding on late nineteenth-century points of reference, specialists around the globe utilized new symbolism, materials, and methods to make works of art that they felt better mirrored the substances and any desires for present-day social orders. Some great artists of the 1880’s modernist era include Édouard Manet, who painted abstract paintings including nude humans, such as Le Déjeuner sur l'herbe and Olympia. Many people oppose these exposed paintings due to the nudity, They saw it as something from outside the norms. The reason for the painting was to uncover another dimension of comprehension and acceptance in art never seen before.

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