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Jacques Derrida came to prominence in the late 1960s and early 1970s with the publication of Of Grammatology, Writing and Difference and Margins of Philosophy. Derrida’s name is inextricably linked with the term ‘deconstruction‘. Largely because of this, or rather because of some interpretations of what deconstruction is, he must be counted as one of the most controversial of contemporary European thinkers. The controversy surrounding Derrida can be traced back at least as far as the late 1970s, when he...
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Introduction to Jacques Derrida In recent French intellectual history, Jacques Derrida was among the most popular, controversial but also knowledgeable figures. He pioneered a way of philosophy to which he called Deconstruction, that radically changed our comprehension of several academic disciplines, particularly literary studies. Derrida was born in El Biar, an Algiers suburb, what used to be French colonial Algeria, in 1930. At school, he was initially sluggish and harbored aspirations to become a professional football player. As all other...
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Derrida stemmed from Heidegger's pattern of deleting words after the word has written Beings, (Being) and let both deletion and stand because the word was insufficient but required. Heidegger likewise believed in the difference in the system of language Unlike Heidegger, Derrida discovers the much deeper concept of distinction as difference. Derrida also discovers Heidegger's dedication to the metaphysics of presence. Heidegger's review of the concern of the significance of being itself breaks one's self-confidence in the logocentric custom that...
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Derrida begins his text with a reference to a recent event in the history of the concept of structure, but immediately retreats to question the use of the word “event.” He is concerned that the word “event” is too loaded with meaning. This is a problem because the function of thinking about structure is to reduce the notion of events. Why is it so? The reason is: thinking about structure must be abstract and exclude concretes such as events. Still,...
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Derrida was involved in a number of high-profile disagreements with prominent philosophers, including Michel Foucault, John Searle, Willard Van Orman Quine, Peter Kreeft, and Jürgen Habermas. Most of the criticism of deconstruction were first articulated by these philosophers then repeated elsewhere. John Searle In the early 1970s, Searle had a brief exchange with Jacques Derrida regarding speech-act theory. The exchange was characterized by a degree of mutual hostility between the philosophers, each of whom accused the other of having misunderstood...
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Deconstruction theory, derived from the works of philosopher Jacques Derrida, is a theory of literary analysis that opposes the assumptions of structuralism. Its primary purpose is to discern the relationship between text and meaning. In performing this task, deconstruction theory is critical of the structuralist ideas of logocentrism and binary oppositions and instead seeks to understand the meaning as abstract and fluid. Deconstruction may be seen as a means to understand the relationship between text and meaning, institution and nature,...
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Commonly known as inversion of hierarchy theory, this theory was put forward by Jacques Derrida which gave rise to a seismic shift in critical thought. Jacques Derrida introduced the concept of ‘deconstruction’ in his book Of Grammatology, published in France in 1967 and translated into English in 1976. ‘Deconstruction’ became a banner for the advance guard in American literary studies in the 1970s and 80s, scandalising departments of English, French, and comparative literature. Deconstruction rejected the project of modern criticism:...
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Introduction The reflexive game of cultural production invites lawyers and the common hero to use tactics to influence and disrupt the competition to control meaning which underpins the force of law. Legal professionals and ordinary people can interrupt the reflexive structure of the game which perpetuates patterns of cultural production and inequality but only to the extent that they can interpret texts and perform subversive acts to intervene in the production of meaning. This essay explores the regulation of unlawful...
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