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Persuasive Speech on Foster Care

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Attention- Aviana and Alake. (Pause) They were born October 6th, 2017. Aviana enjoys eating goldfish, playing outside, and riding on little toys. Alake enjoys eating eggs, playing with blocks, and playing outside with his twin sister. These kids seem to be your typical toddlers, but they are not. Their lives started completely different than most peoples have. Their dad passed away from a terminal cancer when they were just a month old. Aside from losing one parent, their mom was doing drugs, specifically suboxone, while pregnant with them. This caused both babies to be born with a drug addiction. After being born they were having major withdrawals from the drug. For the first three months of their life they were in the foster care system until February 21st when a kind soul took on the responsibility of taking care of them. These kids have become a part of her life and she is working tirelessly to gain custody of both babies. While preparing for this task, she is also preparing financially to take on the task of adopting these two sweet twins and taking them out of the system.

Define problem/need- Approximately 69,525 children in the U.S are waiting to be adopted because their parents’ rights have been terminated. This is according to which is a website about adoption information and the process on how to adopt if you are interested in it. Children around the country today face the fear of whether or not they will ever be loved by a real family or have what they would call at “normal” life including not just a forever family but friends, a school to attend, maybe even a church to go to. A lot of these kids face things we couldn’t even begin to comprehend like dealing with different forms of abuse like sexual, physical, verbal and dealing with drug or opioid addicted parents. Some of the kids even suffer from PTSD due to the things that they go through as a child and even while in foster care. The cost of adoption can range from almost 3,000 dollars to 43,000 dollars depending on how you choose to adopt the child. This is according to which is a website about the cost of adoption and offers support and courses for anyone involved throughout the process.

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Satisfaction- Adoption should be made cheaper for those who are wanting to start a family or expand their own. This would allow those who are capable of raising a child and willing to take them out of the system a chance to give them a chance to start a new life. Allowing adoption to be cheaper would also be encouraging to those who feel that they can’t afford adoption to begin with and might even interest some parents who cannot have kids to try this option out. It would give these kids an opportunity to be taken out of the system. On top of lowering the cost, another way to help advocate adopting through foster care is to be encouraging and kind. Encouraging those debating on or going through the process of adopting through the foster care system can help them make an important decision or help them keep pushing through the process. Doing both of these things can ease the burden of those wanting or trying to adopt.

Visualization-Nearly 60% of young men who age out of the foster care system and are legally emancipated have been convicted of a crime. This is according to which stands for the national foster youth institute. It is a website created by an organization that advocates for children to be adopted out of foster care and into loving homes. If we lower the cost of adopting through foster care, it would allow more people to be able to afford it and therefore getting more kids out of the system. With more kids out of the system and into homes, we can lower the percentage of those who are convicted of crimes and sent to jail or prison. This would help the American people save tax payer money on possible future inmates. Prisons, juvenile justice programs, and parole and other corrections programs make up about 5 percent of state budgets, or $56 billion. This is according to which is a research and policy institute that researches federal and state policies. Instead, the money could go to something else that would help benefit our country like donating money to schools, fixing our roads, or helping our veterans that have come home from serving. It could even go towards the country’s national debt.

Action- All of these options are better things to put our tax money towards instead of feeding and taking care of future convicts in jail or even prison. Being able to lower the cost of adopting and just being a little encouraging are both great ways to advocate for adopting from foster care. Going back to Aviana and alkali the one-and-a-half-year-old twins that I spoke of earlier, that are currently stuck in the foster care system right now and their care taker who is about to begin the process of adopting them. We need to make it more financially accessible and lower the cost to make it easier for their caretaker to adopt them and take them out of the system. These are all reasons why we should lower the cost of adopting from foster care.

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