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Pros And Cons Of Using Technology: Internet Privacy

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Technology is a knowledge devoted to creating tools which can be useful in many ways and in many fields or processing actions and extracting the materials. We can also say technology is an application of science which is used to solve problems. (htt9) We apply technology in nearly all that we do in our day-by-day lives; we use technology at work, we use technology for correspondence, transportation, getting the hang of, fabricating, verifying information, scaling organizations thus substantially more. Technology is human information which includes apparatuses, materials, and frameworks. There are may pros and cons of using technology, One the biggest issue is privacy.

If we look back and compare the current technology with the past technology, there is a huge change. For communication we used letters(mails) and there are landlines. Our private information is not leaked or stolen by anyone. There is no internet or smart phones for communication. In present world we have smartphones laptops, smart watches, social media apps which are all connected through internet, everything is linked. So our data is getting stolen are we are not aware of this.

Privacy means that a person should not be wanted to be disturbed by anything or anyone it also includes his/her personal information and data. The best way to describe privacy in this context is in terms of “restricted access/limited control” (Tavani and Moor 2001). Restricted access means that there is a form of privacy where some people are allowed access and others are not, so a person can stop others from viewing their information if they so choose. It is reasonable to expect the same amount of privacy in these situations that one would have if not using technology. Although technology has a major impact on the gathering, storage, retrieval and dissemination of information its main ethical impact relates to accessibility/inaccessibility and the manipulation of information. It creates the possibility of wider as well as simultaneous access to information. By implication, it becomes easier to access a person's private information by more people. On the other hand, a person can be excluded from necessary information in electronic format by means of a variety of security measures such as passwords. Due to increase and growth in technology there are many privacy issues now a days they are

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Monitoring of people in public and workplaces it can be said that it is done through electronic eyes. Using closed circuit cameras, hacking laptops or desktops webcam, taking control of smartphones camera …. etc. The companies justify the use of such technology is to increase productivity this practice, clearly points out the privacy problem using technologies. Using this technology can also lead to a feeling of fear and of all ways being watched - the so-called panopticon phenomenon. The pros of using electronic eyes are preventing crimes, identifying criminals and monitoring important places. The interception and reading of emails and messages. When we send the messages, they are converted into data packets and transmitted over the internet. People will intercept the data and the information causing data loss and to prevent these practices there are many software’s and technologies, but many people cannot afford it. Merging of database is which contains personal information. This is also known as data banking we actually leave for personal data in many places like example when we go to shopping malls, we will feel many coupons for winning lottery, or we will leave our personal details for contact. Our personal information is gathered from many small databases and it is integrated into one central database. all this data is used by many sites to check our interest in their products. Another major threat to privacy is the raise of hackers and crackers who break Inter computer systems or smart phones to steal of personal data.

There are a number of different groups looking to gather information on people, because information can lead to knowledge and knowledge is power. Luckily for the people looking for information, the Internet makes it easy to gather a large amount of information quickly. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange described the Internet as the “greatest spying machine the world has ever seen. It is easy to see why he thinks that this is the case. Some of the organizations looking to collect user data are Facebook, Google, and the National Security Administration of the United States. The National Security Administration (NSA) is an organization that has roots in code breaking in World War I and World War II but has grown into one of the largest government organizations in terms of staff and funding. There are estimates that say that the NSA has nearly 40,000 employees and an estimated budget of $11 billion, though it is probably more than that Following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the NSA was discreetly authorized to spy on American citizens without a warrant to do so, which has stirred up quite a bit of controversy. Two other major players – Google and Facebook – have similar tactics and similar goals. Both companies provide a number of services to users free of charge, because their primary source of revenue is selling user information to advertisers. These companies have the capability to track user traffic and are essentially giant databases filled with user information that can be mined and sold for a profit. While Google and Facebook aren’t the only websites that do this, they are two of the major players that come up when user privacy is discussed. Just to check how much Google knows about you, you can check your ‘Google Ads’ settings where they use the data they have collected on you to guess your age, gender, and interests. This is the information that Google uses to tailor ads to everyone that uses their services.

The increase in information gathering, with or without the knowledge and consent of the people whose information is being gathered, is definitely cause for alarm. However, different demographics of people have varying levels of concern when it comes to information privacy. Younger people, for example, are less likely to be concerned about Internet privacy than their older counterparts, even though they are more likely to know that their information is being collected and tracked. Females are more likely to be concerned with Internet privacy than males, and people with more education are less likely to be concerned. Interestingly, the more familiar with the Internet the person seems to be, the more comfortable they seem to be with their personal data being collected. The issue with user data collection is the risk of misuse, and what different people/companies view as proper use of personal information. For example, insurance companies have been mining for client data to look for possible health risks and have been accused of changing client rates based on the data they have mined. In fact, Facebook has been caught showing false endorsements from a user’s friends for products they have been paid to advertise, and don’t tell you when they do so What happens in these situations is that an ad will appear on user A’s Facebook, claiming that user B recommends a product to them, when in reality user B has probably never used the product being endorsed by “them” and has no idea that their name is being used to advertise a product.

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