Reflective Essay about the Book 'Outliers'

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Outliers Reflection Paper

“…Outlier organizations are outliers precisely because they are unique and different.” (p. 5)

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In the first chapter, the authors elaborate on how the Boilerplate strategy is questioned due to the obstruction of momentary competitive advantage theories. They are caused by shifts in the industry and outlier organizations. The author explains how deviant case analysis is utilized. It points out, traces, and radically investigates all occurrences and incidents as they evolve, and the conditions that influence them. This chapter highlights the importance of studying outlier organizations, and how incumbent organizations should acquire crucial unanticipated forewarnings to facilitate development in the future. Outliers give an elementary practice of thoughts and plans of action that counter industry conformity. Worldwide and established organizations can learn by focusing on firms that try things that are deemed impossible, unrealistic, or even incomprehensible. In summary, most organizations use asset inadequacy as grounds for novelty: reconsidering their plans of action at a loss to produce content. It is not only an offset spot but also a valuable strategy for incumbent companies attempting to restrain expenses.

Chapter two depicts the methodology and rationale behind various kinds of outliers. From a theoretical point of view, outliers challenge and expand upon existing learning structures. Outliers are a potential source of new practices and knowledge. Because of their diversity, outliers contribute to the possibility of obstructing innovation. They also develop plans of action and re-examine hierarchical structures and cross-industry boundaries. The author notes that outliers are diverse subgroups related to a larger body of standard corporations. They can even differ on diverse perceptions to provoke uncertainty that an alternate segment created them. The investigation of outliers must reconceptualize from a structure where they are mostly errored terms. They do not fit the means to investigate the information that can alter the mean, redistribute the curve, or create another normal. Organizations that demonstrate their prosperity do not pass as a novel in the compelling insight that the author reinforces. To summarize, the author expands on how investigating outliers creates the basis for criticizing transformative but ephemeral strategies.

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