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Richard Taylor's Life and The Myth of Sisyphus: Analytical Essay

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The story explains the literary significance of way life by the famous author Richard Taylor is quite fascinating and philosophical. He commences the writing by rhetorically demanding an accurate reflection of answers to some life’s situations. In the story of his narration, he puts forth that this as somewhat hard philosophical inquiry and decides to restate what meaninglessness it is to conceptualize the other side of the coin: meaningfulness. The author inquires the audience who read his book to flashback the popular myth and misconception of Sisyphus. This will bring the subject the actual reflection and a precise definition of meaninglessness. He emphasizes in his narration that Sisyphus was accused of rolling a boulder up the hill.

Notably, the boulder turned back down the slope subjecting Sisyphus to redo the same pattern repeatedly. However, his constant efforts were futile. In this connection, the accurate reflection of life is drawn from Sisyphus subjection to an endless routine of similar habits or workforce and which amounted to nothing which equates to nothingness in life’s true meaning. This according to the authors understanding reflects how life is useless. In that regard, Tylor makes a step to remind his audience that meaningless is equally endless and meaningfulness and so is the life itself. Based on the evolution of ethics, Taylor uses traditional understanding or practical ethics to help us understand how one attains virtue mirrored by their character strength creativity or sophistication. This paper is tailored to depict the actual meaning and reflection of life using the philosophical lens of Tylor and why such perceptions cannot be used as a metric when understanding the meaning of life. The author keeps vigil to identify precisely what features of Sisyphus predicament account for the failure to depict the actual meaning of life. He places his argument to the fact that Sisyphus duties were quite tricky and endless which subjects life to its hopelessness and ineptness. Sisyphus’ life has been used by the author to convey the message of meaningfulness through his hard task of rolling a boulder and which amounts to nothing at the end. Nevertheless, the story can also be used to draw illustration of what life is. In this connection, the author suggests such efforts and struggles can amount to something. For example, Sisyphus would have a meaningful life if his efforts concerning the rolling of the boulder could be used to create something visible.

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Moreover, if Sisyphus had a strong compulsion for rolling the stone up the hill that would have been a diverse separate way in which meaning might be made present. Taylor figures out that even if that if the rolling was the last resort for Sisyphus’ life, he would have nothing since the objective of life is to gain something. In this case, his efforts were futile. However, looking closely at the basics of arguments in Taylor’s theory, we can argue that it does not consider important factor which restate the meaning of life. To some extend biasing his case that one should have their sense of purpose to their lives not others makes him seem quite correct.

Nevertheless, there is still the problem of giving the same meaning to everyone’s life that is doing what they love to do. As a result to answer this problem one could suggest for one to have a meaningful life a person must be subjectively fulfilled by pursuing objectively valuable ends. Through that way, it ensures the individual must find the meaning in their own lives as well as creating something that benefits many that will give others the perception the person has a meaningful experience. As the author reflects more on the sense of life's meaning, I don't agree with him. My perspective in the meaning of life it should not place its subject matter in glorifying admits of unity but also bring out the different concept of life’s purpose from each other with closely related ideas. Moreover, it is vital to stay versed with the concepts of the worthwhile and meaningful of life. In this connection, one would not be otherwise confused about the attributes meaningful of life to animated aspects which are fundamentally expressed to have meaning. More so, meaningless life does not literary resonate to waste an absurd or unreasonable life.

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