Slavery Trade System: The American And Muslim World

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American slavery and the trade of Atlantic slaves in the Americas are known all over the world. Slavery was a common follow-up from 1600 to 1900 cerium in the Americas and Muslim nations. Two other trade movements similar to Atlantic trade are one across the Sahara Desert and one across the Indian Ocean. Over the years, people have moved from one place to another for numerous reasons. Migration is usually voluntary and relies on one hand, but due to slave trade, other migrants are introduced. The Americans and Muslims have the same convictions about slavery, but there is still some drastically different confidence in whether or not slave exists for work or just a human being.

Triangular trade came about in the 1500s between Europe, Asia, and the Americas. The trade network includes various goods, such as rum and cash crops. From America export sugarcane to Europe, then Europe sell arms, manufactured goods, and rum to Africa, the trade process takes place, and in return Africa sends back to them African slaves. That was the reason for the split, and many Africans took Africans out of their homes or out of war, struggle, or pursuit. Then Europeans bought them at a port on Africa's coast in slave markets. Europeans brought these slaves to work on plantation for them. Document 4 illustrates the large number of slaves required in Cuba, which in some slave applications reached fifty thousand places.

Slavery first started in 1600 CE in Africa. Muslims also had a large number of slaves around the area at that time. A letter from the Turkish Grand Vizier Mustafa Reshid Pasha to the Governor of Tripoli, shown in Document 5, expressly stated that 'the Holy Law allows slavery.' The letter makes the readers feel pain in their hearts when they write about the lack of redemption of others. He thought it would be easier to have the perspective of a slave owner to answer questions about the specific uses of slaves and why they were treated with the way they were, as well as the issue of the legalism of slavery. By doing so, one would help to understand both sides of the slave party and the shareholder's problem of slavery.

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Reshid Pasha's opinion is further corroborated by J.F. Keane's notes from his travel journals how well-fed, blithe, well-clothed, and honored by their 'master.' America's perception of slavery contrasts sharply with Muslim counterparts, as the 'master' has shown gross negligence towards the slaves in many cases. The master has little concern for the well-being of the slaves and treated them as an object against a human being as did the Muslims. One example of the harsh conditions a letter from an African slave in Virginia to the Bishop of London, provides a first-hand account of the harsh realities of slavery. It was shown from the point of view of a slave and explained that they robbed their mental state of mind of fundamental rights such as education and how it hurt. David Gomes Jardim's thesis on planting diseases and what causes it, validates the strident facts. He describes why slaves were assigned to work without taking into account who died as a result of lack of consideration and how those who survived were 'fully emancipated.' The report continued to explain that slaves were bought 'to use the slave to grow coffee sugar for only one year,' as the slaves were not expected to survive through the harvest. The view is continued and reiterated Hands Sloan 1706 describes the conditions on Barbados Island as it details the cruel punishments that the slaves have been subjected to, such as 'burning them' and being nailed down. These acts are in contrast to those of the Muslims who reverently treated their slaves.

Muslim priest from Mali, Ahmed Baba, takes note of that the base of Muslim bondage is unbelief and that any individual who was not Muslim would fit the bill for subjugation and be free legitimately if Muslim was seen as. An extract from the book that the Austrian scholar-diplomat, ex-ambassador to Egypt, and the United States, Alfred von Kremer, wrote in 1863. On the subject of slavery, Alfred von Kremer is more neutral, although he still points out his views on the world of racism. Slavery remained an important issue in history and an essential factor. This excerpt supports the fact that American slavery, regardless of their beliefs or cultures, has used discriminatory racial practices against African Americans.

It contrasts the dates of the official end of slavery in the American and Muslim world. One reason for slavery is the effect of European colonial occupation. The end of the American slave trade in 1865 and the end of the Muslim slave trade in 1980. In fact, both areas had different views of slavery based on their beliefs, culture, and philosophies that had a major impact on the economic, cultural, and social aspects of our society.

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