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Social Responsibility Of The Stock Companies

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In this paper, I will be talking about best buy stocks. I'm going to take you through the company's overview of there stock market and triads. Also, talk about if we are able to trade with them stocks. In this paper, we will talk about the social responsibility of the company records. Also, talk about whether the company should be more socially responsible. This will definitely learn about there ethics of there company and much more. I'm not really sure how their social responsibility is for sure there might be a good discovery. The more we know the more we have to understand in one way or another. Best buy has been with us for many years with us in this world and I think it would be nice to see what they been up to.


This company was first founded in the U.S in 1966 there were at least 1,800 stores that were going to be created worldwide as well. This took place in Minnesota where they announce it as a music store for people that need to buy an instrument or buy radios. These were some of the items that were sold in the store best buy also it was called “best buy co” but they decide to name it best buy by the end of 1983. It was really international in Canada, Mexico, and also China they were a free market they would trade with anyone their stock market. Which is pretty cool and very profitable for the best buy economical investors. In their history, it seems that they are able to trade with anyone its a free market after all the company benefits from it

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Social Responsibility

The social responsibility of the stock that best buy have they have the responsibility of the e-waste. That should be one of the responsability that they might need to face in order to sele more of there products. I have a feeling that should be the biggest responsibility at all cost because most of our waste is really affecting people. For example, most of the e-waste is going to other places like japan or china shanghai and are killing people. Although the best buy does take care of it so that’s their social responsibility there is no other way to show that they are taking this seriously. E-waste is a very critical problem because people died by the toxic chemicals that some of the computers contain. Although best buy does take that social responsibility and have the programs of e-waste recycle properly.

Socially responsible

They are socially responsible because ethical there purpose is to serve their people there community and also their environment. They work to give other people the right treatments they have to help their employees with mental health coverage and backup child care and pay part-time workers. Best buy had also impacted many communities so they have a teen tech center to support them with modern technology they might need in the future its a fact their many jobs now out there that use more of the modern tech. They are also doing something for the environment there socially responsible for there costumers to reduce the customer’s impact on how they do it by providing the energy star product that lets them save money on electric bills have something really good.


In conclusion, best buy had a very successful company they are really on the spot there are many reasons to trust the best buy companies. I’ve seen that best buy had many if the points I pointed out very well prepared. In the beginning, I thought that best buy had stock and might not be a free stock market but they are and there international. Funded in 1966 in Minnesota which I thought was really nice to discover that. I was really proud to choose this as my company because they are really prepared their ethics are really good they help people by giving them a job they also have part-time jobs. They have health coverage and even backup child care for people that might need helo with that. The most important of all best buy also help the environment by restoring e-waste and making new ones to help the environment from pollution. However, there are many other companies that have not taken this into consideration and it looks bad to see how they are not doing anything to stop pollution from happening. Although best buy has all the right choices to help everyone and everything.

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