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Symposium': The Educational Theory

The possibility that eros is simply the motivator to sublimation and fulfillment is worked out further in the Phaedrus. In spite of the fact that the cozy connection between the two exchanges is commonly recognized, the Phaedrus is usually viewed as a lot later work. For in addition to the fact that it accepts the Republic’s mental teaching of a tri-partite soul, it likewise advocates the everlasting status of the spirit – principles that are obviously missing in the Symposium....
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Critical Analysis of the Concept of Love in Plato's Symposium

One can gauge the seriousness of Plato’s Symposium from the title itself: which means ‘drinking party.’ Naturally, like all drinking parties, absurdity is bound to be mixed with philosophy— but the overall mood is light and the celebratory atmosphere. Far from these reasons, it is appropriate that the Symposium’s theme is love, for if there is one subject that captures the ethereal, it is love. Or, in other words: Plato uses his characters as instruments to offer many love accounts...
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Philosophy of Love and Sex in Plato's Symposium: Analytical Essay

The idea and feeling of love can be a controversial part of life to many people due to the many ways of interpreting it. Throughout Plato’s Symposium, the account and nature of love and what it means differs between speakers. The speeches of Aristophanes and Socrates vary as Aristophanes focusses on human nature and takes a mythical approach to define love whereas Socrates focusses on the idea that love is bad and ugly but is then questioned by Diotima. Aristophanes...
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Love Ladder through the Speakers in Plato’s Symposium: Analytical Essay

Love is one of the most convoluted and misunderstood concepts that still remains as a very prominent part in many individuals’ lives. Regardless of the fact that the majority of people cannot explain or fully understand the concept of love, many claim that love plays an integral part in their lives as they think they know what it entails and believe what they are feeling with another individual is true love. Since people believe they know what love is they...
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The Symposium: Overall Summary

Apollodorus relates to an unnamed companion a story he learned from Aristodemus about a symposium, or dinner-party, given in honor of the tragedian Agathon. Socrates arrives at the party late, as he was lost in thought on the neighboring porch. After they have finished eating, Eryximachus picks up on a suggestion of Phaedrus’, that each person should in turn make a speech in praise of the god of Love. Phaedrus begins by saying that Love is one of the oldest...
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Plato’s Symposium: Love and Philosophy

Plato is regarded by many as the world’s greatest philosopher. In his dialogues, he examined everything from the nature of reality, to ethics, to beauty, to the state. The Symposium, which you can read in full here, is the summation of Plato’s ideas on love, and have proven very influential. The main character in the dialogues is the great philosopher Socrates, who inspired Plato. Scholars have been trying to understand for centuries which of the ideas expressed in the Platonic...
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Concept of Symposium in Ancient Greece: Analytical Essay

In the modern world, Ancient Greece is viewed as the paradigm of artistic and architectural achievement and expression. Along with being popular for its majestic temples and elegant sculptures, it is also well known for its vast and complex mythology and pantheon, with the creatures and deities that many associate with the Classical and Hellenistic periods finding their origins much earlier in the Bronze Age Aegean cultures. One such creature is the satyr. Often associated with the wine god Dionysos,...
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Sappho's Heart and Plato's Mind: Critical Analysis of Plato’s Symposium

When contemplating the opposing perceptions of two prominent Greek thinkers; Sappho and her descriptions of Eros are regarded as an overwhelming, intense, emotional response felt throughout her entire physical body, a feeling worth dropping anything for to be felt in all of its wholeness that can lead to dropping anything in the present moment for what one truly loves. Additionally, we confront Plato’s effects of Eros – wherein he assigns the use of a narrator known as Apollodorus to begin...
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