Terrorist Attack on 9/11 As a Defining Moment: Argumentative Essay

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9/11 occurred on Tuesday, September 11, 2001. 9/11 was an extremely unprepared for event and caused for the United States of America to be a very vulnerable target. The morning of September 11, 2001, 19 terrorists were able to hijack four planes that were departing from the Boston’s Logan airport, they choose planes that had farther journey’s ahead of them knowing that they would be filled with enough fuel to carry out their attack. The terrorist’s main mission was to disable the USA’s main centers which included the White House, the Pentagon and Wall Street where the World’s Trade Center is located. The 9/11 attack caused for airport security to improve, the Afghanistan War to be launched, a large impact on Canada and a powerful effect on the economy. 9/11 created a very negative impact not only in New York and the USA but the whole world.

When 9/11 occurred the USA’s economy was severely damaged, and this caused for others around the world to suffer due to the attack. Al-Qaeda ( Translation: Database ) was founded by the leader of the attacks Osama bin Laden, The author from The Balance states that “While it cost Al-Qaeda approximately $500,000 to plan and carry out the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, The New York Times say it cost the USA $3.3 trillion, or $7 million for every dollar that Al-Qaeda spent” (Kimberly Amadeo). This excessive amount of money that the government had to spend lead to larger problems in the long run such as debt. After the attack the 2001 recession began which created an eight-month economic down fall. Oil prices too which were at a very low price, heightened to a total cost of 45$, Paul Solman says that “U.S. oil exports are up to 1.6 million barrels a day, according to a recent Reuters report.” (Paul Solman). This caused for places and countries that were supplied by the USA to have to pay extremely high prices for oil. The extensive spending put USA into a debt crisis that affected lots of people. The debt crisis created less jobs to be created and thousands of workers were laid off due to not being able to support them. To this day debt in the USA continues to grow since the 9/11 terrorists attack and hasn’t been able to get back from the debt it put them in. The economy also took a hit when the stock market closed, the reason the government closed the stock market was to avoid repeating history and the events that the Great Depression had created already once created. There for the economy suffered greatly not only in USA but all over the world.

When 9/11 occurred airport- security was very limited and did not take much caution when letting people through and checking bags. Due to USA’s and the whole world’s lack of safety and security the attack was easily accomplished. The attack caused for things such as tourism and travel to come to a stop, many civilians became extremely terrified of traveling anywhere after the attack which caused places like airports to lose lots of money. This caused for many companies to lose money all over the world. The Transportation Security Administration took action to making airports and borders safer just months after the incident by improving pat downs, all baggage’s had to be checked and much more. This attack brought some positive to the airlines pushing them to become more secure, but the airline should have already been secure enough to prevent this from happening. Fare compare stated in their article “It all depends on the world situation, which is ever-changing. On the tenth anniversary of 9/11, there was talk of easing up on some of the rules, but little has changed.” (Fare Compare). The ultimate pause on tourism and airports caused for lots of money to be lost and many to be without an income for a few months this affected the whole world.

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Although 9/11 did not happen in Canada, Canada was seriously impacted from the attack. Due to USA shutting down its air ports after the attack tons of planes with lots of passengers had to change their course of travel to Canadian airports. With so many uncalled-for passengers caused some problems in Canada, every passenger had to be security checked, play to stay, fed. The lack of warning of all the passengers forced Canada to find building such as schools and large halls to accompany so many people. Canada also lost 24 Canadians in the attack, this was a very hard thing for families and friends this didn’t only affect Canada families and friends everywhere lost people and some even managed to have last conversations with their loved ones when they found out their fate, such as the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania who tried to overcome the terrorist. Without the help of Canada many passengers and the USA would have been in bigger trouble.

Shortly after the attack President Bush decided that he need to take action and launched the War on Terror. Many nations came together to fight against Osama bin Laden’s terrorist group Al-Qaeda. The war brought many tragedies over 100,000 soldiers lost their lives in this war, meaning families lost uncles, mothers and brothers. The war affected not only the soldiers fighting overseas but the Homefront also. Presidents Bush’s goal of the war was to bring justice to Osama bin Laden, but it didn’t come without a cost for the USA. $36.7 billion dollars was funded in emergency funding for the War on Terror in the first year, but in the following years the prices continued to grow by the end of Bush’s time in office over $1.164 trillion dollars was spent on the war. Due to the USA’s debt crisis the war did not help, although the War of Terror got its justice on May 2, 2011 over 10 years since the war had begun. The whole world was affected by this war allies of USA who had to fight, prisoners living in terror from Osama bin Laden and families.

9/11 created a very negative impact not only on New York and the USA but the whole world. The economy of the USA was put in an excessive amount of debt which to this day they have been incapable to get out of. Many who lost their jobs causing for businesses to close down or slow production rate affected people all over the world who exported and imported goods. Airport security was changed for the better to avoid another attack like this to reoccur and is still progressing to this day. Without Canada’s help in this attack 9/11 would have been very differently. The War of Terror brought many tragedies, but the mission was fulfilled, and Osama bin Laden was brought to justice. Therefore 9/11 was a very defining moment which affected the whole world.

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