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The End Of Humanity: The Animal Bill Of Rights

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The Animal Legal defense fund has a petition for increased protection for the rights of animals established in 1979. Animals have been mistreated by humanity by researchers who test beauty products on animals to ensure that they can be sold and use by humans. Society uses these beauty products without regret to the damage done to animals, torturing animals each year by experimenting on them and causing them pain and suffering by injecting harmful toxins. When the toxins enter their bodies and get sick they must be sacrificed.

Experiments should be with a purpose, and there should be a limit on experiments done to each animal. Humanity should consider the consequences of our actions and treat animals with consideration. In other words test on animal chemicals that we wouldn’t mind exploring on our infants and family members. These animals are being kept away from their native habitat and parents to be hurt and exploited under cruel circumstances. We need to come up with better ways of preserving life. If we protect animals, we are protecting the earth and everyone on earth. Earth is becoming extremely fragile with all the pollution as humans continue dumping trash and expect fish to continue reproducing so we can consume them. The sea is home to fish and other sea creatures that have the right to a better quality of life and by dumping trash into the ocean we are mistreating them. In “Hooked on a Myth” by Victoria Braithwaite (Par 3). She talks about fish having nociceptors as humans do. Fishes have the same sensory nervous system that responds to harmful and painful situations. Can you imagine what they feel when fishermen fish for them on a daily basis? Perhaps there is a better way of fishing so we don’t trap them and stress them out. If humans start thinking of the world rather than making profit earth would be more fitting not only for humans but wildlife. Animals have the right to live and be happy just like humans do, Animals have suffered enough and its time to advocate and stand up for them.

The Animal Bill of Rights would protect our future by minimizing the number of animals that we kill and hurt. Jeremy’s Rifkin's “A Change of Heart about Animals” (Par 4). The article provides evidence on a study of pigs. For example, pigs crave attention and are easily depressed if isolated or denied playtime with each other. The lack of physical stimuli results in the deterioration of health. Animals crave attention, eat, play and feel pain like humans do. If humans isolate themselves and have no support system or other outlets of socializing, they would become depressed and if not treated it could become a mental illness. Mental illness on humans causes problems. Some examples are attention deficit, anxiety, and eating disorders. Having anxiety is a big problem the basic tasks become overwhelming, you get insomnia and you worry too much. Let's be honest having any type of mental issues or problems with your health is hard. Imagine how this affects animals? If animals become too sick for the studies, we kill them because they aren't healthy enough to continue working with.

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Unhealthy animals' equal unhealthy meat that is being sent nationwide for human consumption. Have humans ever stopped to think before eating a piece of steak at a fine restaurant? how the animal was treated prior to being slaughter and sent to the restaurant? shouldn’t we at least give them and offer them a good quality of life so that they stay healthy for human consumption. Humanity takes advantage of animals for hunting purposes, that’s not humanitarian that’s injustice, not only to the animal but to the world. We depend on animals to live and therefore we have an obligation to implement rights to protect them from wrongdoing. We have so many stray animals roaming the streets and in animal shelters with nowhere to go. Street animals are sustaining themselves by eating garbage and consuming unsanitary water which in return makes them sick and eventually they end up dying and stay on the side of the road or on the street smelling for days until Animal Control has the time to come and pick them up. In addition, small children and sensitive populations get sad and children are too small to understand what is happening.

This unhealthy for everyone. I believe we need to control animals' reproduction and hold everyone accountable for the treatment of animals to prevent animals from wandering the streets without a home. The more we protect animals and humanity the better and brighter our futures could be.

I am a proud cat owner and I can say my cats make me happy. When I come home my cats greet me at the door. When I am either doing homework or sitting down on the couch, they come around me and want attention. By petting my cats after a long day I forget all my frustrations and just focus all my attention on making sure my cats are loved. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t grow up with cats in my home and I disliked cats because of the cat litter smell but after doing some research and babysitting one, I found that what was stopping me from loving them was all the misinformation I had. Cats are smart and if I had the resources, I would adopt them from shelters and provide for them the life they deserve.

Welcoming animals and giving them rights to avoid all the mistreatment and suffering for research purposes would be beneficial to the environment and to all human life. We all share this planet and humans need to treat everyone with respect and dignity. This is why I strongly support the animal bill of rights. The best way to hold us humans accountable for making sure animals live their best lives and not suffer and show future generations that animals shouldn’t be hurt but instead be cautious because if we take care of them we are essentially taking care of ourselves. The fewer animals we hurt during the process the better chances we have of survival. Humans need to unite and educate each other on the consequences of the road of destruction we are headed too by creating new ways of exploring medicine and experimenting with human-like animals.

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