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The Features Of Epistolary Novel In The White Tiger

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“THE WHITE TIGER” is an epistolary novel, which is written in a form of a letter, in which the narrator composed more than seven evenings to the Chinese prime minister Wen Jiabao; it is a narrative of bondage, financial thriving, and murder. The tale utilizes a first-individual teller of tales, Balram Halwai, whose extraordinary, wry voice helps the peruse through his existence in ‘new India.’ Balram composes the letter in the brightness of an announcement he heard on the radio, ‘Mr. Jiabao is on a strategic: needs to know reality with regards to Bangalore.’ Balram is a specialist in reality with regard to the brutal substances and shrouded savageries of India. In the next two paragraphs, I will speak about the lightness and darkness in this epistolary novel.

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From the light side point of view, in this epistolary novel, the narrator presented his moving in Delhi (as an example of light India) from Laxmangarh (as an example of dark India) as one of the light sides in India. His life and the life of the other people in Delhi are too different from Laxmangarth. The lightness in this epistolary novel also is presented to throw the economy growing by society’s corruption.

From the dark side viewpoint, in this epistolary novel, the narrator presented the darkness throw the rural places in India and also through the poor people, who are in a very large amount. Another dark part of the novel is also the Ganges River. Another imagery utilized is the Ganges River. I think that it’s upsetting that a novel portrays a waterway considered sacred, for example, the Ganges as dirty, dim, and tense. It is the place all the plant squanders stream. Diminishing the heavenly waterway to an unimportant grimy and irrelevant waterway, like that of a sewer, the novel takes it off with any supplements. The tale’s depiction fills in as the direct opposite of how another amazing contemporary Indian tale, A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth, portrays the Ganges River. A voluminous artistic work, A Suitable Boy delineates the Ganges River as the grave, blessed and quiet. The epic even acknowledges the stream’s dark-colored waters as something excellent. Be that as it may, the last novel is set in the 1950s while Adiga’s is in the contemporary. In this way, a few noteworthy changes have just happened. In this manner, The White Tiger’s depiction of the Ganges River is reasonable though pitiful and unsuitable. It just gives us how industrialization weakens nature including the profound haven Ganges River.

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