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Epistolary Essays

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The Significance of Hannah Foster’s 'The Coquette'

What if women had never taken part in history? Would they still be acknowledged as equally important as men? Throughout the centuries, women have always been important for society. For instance, Brooks (2013) points out that during the American Revolution, women would take the role of a spy to take down the British empire or write in an attempt to encourage and empower others. As such, the significance of a woman can both be explicit and implicit depending on people’s...
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The Peculiarities Of Epistolary Form, Themes And Characters In Dracula

Form, Structure, and Plot The novel Dracula, written by bram stoker; it was released in the 19th century, is a deftly organized structure that is written in epistolary form{an epistle is an ancient term for letters}, which is a novel based on letters, that has the narration take place in the forms of letters. The epistolary novel is an absorbing literary technique, because it authorize a writer to include numerous narrators in his story. This means the story can be...
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Epistolary: Letters As A Literary Form

For countless years, or better to say ever since the mighty pen and paper became customary in our daily lives, people who desired to get in touch with others disconnected by distance had no more than one manner to carry out it, and the way was nothing but writing letters. Letters were the lone way of long-distance communiqué, at least until the time of the discovery of the telegraph in the nineteenth century. No wonder therefore that by the eighteenth...
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The Features Of Epistolary Novel In The White Tiger

“THE WHITE TIGER” is an epistolary novel, which is written in a form of a letter, in which the narrator composed more than seven evenings to the Chinese prime minister Wen Jiabao; it is a narrative of bondage, financial thriving, and murder. The tale utilizes a first-individual teller of tales, Balram Halwai, whose extraordinary, wry voice helps the peruse through his existence in ‘new India.’ Balram composes the letter in the brightness of an announcement he heard on the radio,...
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Epistolary And Flashback In The Novel Dreaming In Cuban

The novel Dreaming in Cuban by Cristina Garcia is about three Cuban women from one large family who are generations apart. The storyline has particularly placed focus on Celia and her daughters, Felicia, Lourdes, and her daughter Pilar. In this novel, each woman has their issues and their way of dealing with them. However, they have a thing in common: memory and the past is a big part of their identities. Christina Garcia uses numerous techniques to develop the story...
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Epistolary Form And Feminism In Lady Susan

It is arguable that Jane Austen’s very decision to put pen to paper and write Lady Susan was a feminist act. Writing in an epoch prior to the foundations of a female literary canon being established, Austen not only utilised the epistolary form to give her female characters voice and agency, but framed the novel around a central female character who unapologetically contravenes patriarchal social expectations. Lady Susan is a middle-aged and widowed mother and yet eminently desired and overtly...
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Dracula’s Epistolary Reflections And Accounts: How Does This Narrative Approach Heightens The Effectiveness Of The Novel?

In this study of Bram Stoker’s literary piece Dracula (1897), I will question the use of the diverse types of narratives chosen by the author and what the different points of view provide to the readership of the novel. Moreover, I will argue to what extent this epistolary narrative heightens the dramatic and thriller-like effectiveness of the novel with a close reading of the text and the support of secondary sources. To start off, there are two different narrative patterns...
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