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The Interrelation Of pH And Electroconductivity

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In my research project I will be finding different Ph Levels in different kinds of water as well as Gatorade. Not only will I be finding the pH levels in different substances, I will also be finding their electrical conductivity. In my experiment The specific brands of water I will be testing are Dasani, Fiji, and Salt water I will be using the same brands to test their electrical conductivity. Prior to testing I believe the substance that will be a good electrical conductor are the substances high in sodium such as Gatorade and salt water. I’m curious as to what water will have the highest pH levels due to Fiji claims in high pH levels I believe fiji will come out on top but are these claims made by fiji really true ?

In the first portion of my experiment I will be testing the pH levels of water. The pH is a measure of how acidic or basic a solution is. I will be using a pH meter to measure the Ph Levels, a pH meter is a scientific instrument that measures the hydrogen-ion activity in water-based solutions, indicating its acidity or alkalinity expressed as pH. The experiment will consist of pouring the individual water brands in different cups. The cups are going to be labeled and numbered to make sure nothing gets mixed up.

I will be dipping the pH meter in each one of the substances, making sure that the bulb of the meter does not come in contact with the cup and stays still in order to get consistent results. Once the meters reading stays at a constant I will then record the data on pen and paper. After I will be cleaning the end of the meter with distilled water to guarantee the most accurate results. once I have tested all the substances and recorded all the data I will then compare the results to see which one has the highest pH level.

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The second part of the experiment will be testing the electroconductivity of the substances. What is Electric Conductivity ? It’s the degree to which a specified material conducts electricity, calculated as the ratio of the current density in the material to the electric field that causes the flow of current. It is the reciprocal of the resistivity. A light bulb and the open ends of two wires will be required. Touch the open ends of the two wires to each other to form a circuit and test the bulb. Touch the two open ends of the wire to each substance you are testing, one at a time. If the bulb lights up, it is a good conductor. If it doesn’t, it is a good insulator. After testing all the substances and recording all my data on pen and paper I will then come up with a conclusion

The first brand I tested was Dasini. I was rather surprised by the results, I was expecting a lower pH levels. A little background on Dasani and how they filter their water. Dasani gets their water from the municipal supply (treated tap water). Its filtered for purity using a state-of-the-art process called reverse osmosis. Afterwards, a special blend of minerals are added for that pure, crisp, fresh taste. Dasani’s pH level came in at 5.6. The next brand on the list was Fiji, I had high expectations for Fiji because of their hefty price tag compared to other water bottle brands and my expectations remained high with Fiji’s pH levels coming in at 7.7 which is a considerable amount over the other brands. Some background on Fiji is Fiji comes from 1,600 miles high in the mountains of Viti Levu. Its filtered by the equatorial trade winds and volcanic rock (gathering minerals and electrolytes) Collected in a Natural Artesian Aquifer until bottled.

Substance number three was salt water. I made this by taking tap water and adding iodized salt (sodium chloride). The results were as expected high on the pH scale ranking in at 7.6. Lastly on the list was Gatorade although Water is the most logical form of hydration. Sports drinks like Gatorade contain sugar and electrolytes like sodium and potassium( high in acidity) Sports drinks can help replace what we lose during longer duration exercise, especially in the heat. (Electrolytes are minerals that maintain your body’s ionic balance). Gatorades pH level was 3.1 which was expected due to its acidity. In conclusion my hypothesis is correct so far.

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