The Reasons And Solutions For Mass Violence In Public Schools

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Why do we have school shootings? What can we do to prevent it from happening? One of the first mass school shootings that happened on April 9,1891, at St. Mary’s Parochial School, Newburgh, New York., 1891. When James Foster fired a gunshot at a group of students causing minor injuries to several of the students. School shootings are known to happen when someone wants to get back at whomever hurt them, Otherwise, if a kid gets picked on, make fun of, or bully on will make a kid feel as if they're no value to life.

In the United State, on April 20,1999, Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, two students killed 12 classmates and one teacher. The State and federal governments responded as quickly as they can for the Columbine shooting they ended up investing in visible security measures such as school resource officers, metal detectors, and surveillance equipment. Having school officers helps substantially because it lets kids know that there will always be someone there to help immediately if something was to ever happen. Having Metal Detectors is a controversial move. The Metal Detectors is there to keep schools safe “...stationary metal detectors used on a daily basis are typically limited to large urban school districts with a chronic history of weapons-related offenses.”(National School Safety and Security Services), This fact shows that their a lot of problems concerning large urban school districts and their safety. Students come from different backgrounds, and end up mix into one committee, and they all have adapted to each other, and some students has a hard time doing that and that’s why schools need mental health servers within the school system so children can have someone to talk to when they need it. Mental health, matters in school because “...1 in 5 children and youth have a diagnosable emotional, behavioral or mental health disorder and 1 in 10 young people have a mental health challenge that is severe enough to impair how they function at home, school or in the community.” Mental health starts at home as the child grows up. Only 40 percent of students with emotional behavioral problem graduates from high school and children with behavioral disabilities ages 14 and older dropout of high school. This is one of the main reasons we need Mental health services. Kids need to have someone to talk to that they trust, so they don’t need up doing someone with anger like cutting their self or shooting up their schools. Students with positive constraints incorporate academic success has peers and adult relationships, adults that support them. As for Student that don’t have support in there live develop patterns of aggressive behavior due to anger or resentment towards others.

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The National Education Association, focus on mental health within the school setting and mental health counselors. Throughout their process they recognize that the majority of people struggling with a mental illness is not dangerous, mental health treatment can help prevent gun violence for many individuals. The United State’s plan is to first address a gun violence problem. There has been “comprehensive” school safety plans that happened over the last 20 years. Some has effectively and thoroughly addressed the issue common in all school shootings but not all. The gun violence prevention solutions work hand in hand with school to ensure that school shootings do not happen. In schools before a school shooting occurs, students usually know who will shoot up the school because of the behavior of that student. Students in America, today wants to stop this problem by making sure teams are not alone. On the PBS News Hours Extra teens talk about what they would do to prevent school shootings happening and one that really popped out to me was by Aaron a 12th grade in Alexandria, Indiana. This young man talks about how he is a proud supporter to own a firearm but then goes back and say firearm, not weapon. He’s reason for saying that is because he feels unsafe knowing that someone can walk into his school at any time and let off there forearmed. The question should schools allow having an armed policemen on school property to help prevent school shootings from happening? From my point of view it do not help prevent school shootings because students come from different backgrounds as stated before and that could lead to having lots of problems in the school community. Not every child thinks that Cops keeps them safe and that’s one of the main reasons why policeman’s should not be allowed to be armed on school property. According to The Trace “ The only thing that storms a bad guy with guns is a good guy with a gun.’’ I disagree with the statement because this idea telling students that the only thing that can stop violence is with violence. And is telling students that if they want to feel safe, they have to bring a gun or any form of weapon to stop a bad guy and this is not helping prevent school shooting . “In 2003, more than $350 million in funding was made available for public K-12 schools to purchase security technology through the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) after schools were identified as potential sites for terrorist attacks.” and after that “Another senseless tragedy occurred on December 14, 2012, when a gunman entered Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, and killed 26 children and educators. Soon after, the Connecticut Legislature passed new safety laws that appropriated $42 million for security grants to Connecticut schools.” The United State is focused on hiring security for schools but, what they need to focus on are the children mental health because that’s where violence begin. Children don’t need officers to feel safe they need somebody to talk to, they need to know that someone's on their side and that their here for them when they need help, someone they can go just to talk about there day and that’s what schools should be focused on having concealer for students to talk to when they need to. President Trump says he's determined to put an end to school shootings in the U.S. but what are his plans. Trump allowed school teachers to carry concealed weapons in the classroom. Now, this idea is a bad move just like students, teachers could easily pull out a gun if they feel treated in any sort of way. Just because a teacher is older and more muchier does no mean that they won't pull out a gun if they feel threatened in any sort of way. “Most law enforcement experts argue that teachers should not carry guns. Civilians may be able to hit a bull’s-eye at the shooting range, but they lack the tactical knowledge of handling weapons that trained law enforcement personnel get. Accidents happen. Guns can fall out of holsters, be taken from the classroom or accidentally discharge.

“You don’t want to have a gun that’s available to a student or another worker who may have mental health issues,” said Maureen S. Rush, vice president for public safety and superintendent of the Police Department at the University of Pennsylvania.”(The New York Times In The Headlines School Shootings How Can We Stop Them? Page 145). This is a great fact because it’s tell the truth. If we allow teachers with mental health issues to have a gun in schools there would be a greater risk of have a shooting happen at school. Naomi Wadler organized a walk out on March 14, to impact her city after the Stoneman shooting the first time she asked the principal he turned her down because she needed parental supervision and that did not stop her from making her movement Naomi Wadler fought for what she believed in and the walkout happened Wadler ended up get over 2,500 students and teachers across America to participate in the national school walkout. (Glimmer of Hope by the founders of Marsh for our Lives page 141). This shows that students wants to make a change within the school system to make it safe for students but they need help to do so and that’s where the concealer will come in. After one of the deadliest school shooting in at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, got an email from Shane Jimerson, a professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara and email was about preventing gun violence in the United States. Their message was “Don't harden schools. Make them softer, by improving social and emotional health.” This was a start of a plan to prevent gun violence in schools. The first step was “School climate may sound fuzzy or abstract.” and that means that the schools community has to be strong when it comes to relationships with the students and the adults in a school. Then second step is to cut down on violence. “The role of the witness.” If you see something do something don’t let it grow into a fight when you have to power to stop it from happening and, after that all you would need is in emergency mode if someone brings a weapon to school or talking about violence. The Call For Action To Prevent Gun Violence in the United States Of America was created by Shane Jimerson the steps that she came up with are “A national requirement for all schools to assess school climate and maintain physically and emotionally safe conditions and positive school environments that protect all students and adults from bullying, discrimination, harassment, and assault;” I believe that this is one of the first step that the United States should take because not only its focus on there safety they focus on the emotion of the students and the staff.

On May 21, 2018, Chip Grabow and Lisa Rose from CNN made a chart on what countries has the most a less school shootings and America came out to having the most worldwide but why what is the difference between other countries like The United States, Canada, Brazil and Japan.

Seen 2009 to 2018 the United States had over 288 school shootings as for Canada they had 2 school shootings over that time period. Why is that? Canada's government is uninterested in finding innovative solutions to gun violence because they believed that it will help decrease school shootings. The way Canada prevent school shooting is by the local level and things that can be done by the Federal Government. At the Local level mass school shootings could have been prevented because the warning signs were obvious but no one stopped them and at the Federal level they could have help with stricter gun control laws but they made it clear that they would not help.

Brazil also has 2 school shootings over the timeline between 2009 and 2018. In 2003 a disarmament law effectively prevented most Brazilians from buying guns and is was the first action to prevent school shootings. The disarmament law was a requires citizens who want to purchase a gun to prove that they need it and to get the police to agree. After two former pupils killed five teenagers. Brazilian wanted the country's firearms laws to be relaxed. The Brazilian are debating on getting rid of the gun laws but they think it's going to keep them safe but they have to realize that if they get rid of the gun laws there allowing cicaplast the permission to have a gun. That would be putting kids in harm way. There mother or father will have to be afraid for their children every time they leave the house. Today Brazil Government Doubles Down on Pro-Gun Stance After School Shooting and this happened because of one of the worst school shooting that they had.

Japan has a one school shooting within the time 2009 to 2018 and this is how. “Japan has a long list of tests that applicants must pass before gaining access to a small pool of guns.” this shows that Japan is very serious when it comes to guns. In Japan the law no one can get a gun or a sword without passing the test. Because of those law japan see about 10 gun death throw out each year. “If Japanese people want to own a gun, they must attend an all-day class, pass a written test, and achieve at least 95% accuracy during a shooting-range test.” this is a good idea because before someone own a gun they need to know how to use it. Japan also has a role of trust that can’t be broken.

Mass violence in public schools needs to stop. Every time theres a school shooting we lose a dear friend or someone that we love. When we look back at the countries they all have to do it laws and the government. Which means those are the things that we need to fix in order to stop mass violence in schools. Just like in Canada one of the steps should be demanding what you want to the government. The thing that we should demand of people to take classes on guns if they want to owner a gun. Although people have a right to own a gun that’s also what’s putting people in danger. People think you can fight guns with guns but what is the point of killing people when you can use your words and talk it out. The only reason someone would need a gun is if someone is on the run from someone whos trying to kill them. When that law passed there would be no reason for the police to have guns because there would be no guns in the street which makes America a better place to live because its getting rid of police portaddly. The only reason a police officer should have a gun on them is if they got a call that something is dangerous.

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