Informative Essay on School Shooting as a Major Social Problem

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Mass school shootings in the United State have grown to be a major social concern. The school shooting is a major issue in both the U.S. and other countries. In reports of mass shootings at schools, there were many horror stories. School problems have a huge emotional impact on people for related interaction duties. The school shooting is a serious problem, and to avoid such calamities, a solution is needed. For example, Chicago had the most victims for summer schools and many people had been injured. This event made the Chicago Public Schools to cancel summer schools because students' lives were in danger.

Analysis has often concentrated on the offender's individual characteristics, such as their personalities and behavioral patterns. The immersive essence and conceptual significance of these aggressive acts are provided fewer consideration. From this view, the violence of students can be seen as a form of social communication in which criminals try to gain social status by exploiting both physically and symbolically the meaning of the circumstance. Violent incidents may act as social routines or orchestrated events that all play a role for suspects, witnesses, and spectators. They take elements of their cultures and their social positions, such as ethnicity, race, class, and gender. In analyzing of why these mass shootings occur, social class was found as a connection with it. They are almost from a middle-class or high-class group of young men, but they can be from different social classes. Youth, on the other hand, do not create all of these performances on their own. According to Durkheim’s aspect, it is important to understand social phenomena as social facts of any individual consciousness. In other terms, once a human being act is merged, they create a new collective consciousness that is different in nature from their individual units.

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Social facts are customs, norms, institutions, values, technology, and so on. Although social facts are the product of human beings' behavior in action, they are not the consequence and result of conscious intent. Social fact connects and impacts on people. Although, social facts are derived from individual consciousness and behaviors, they cannot be defined at the individual level. They can be perceived in the interactions between the individual in a society. Durkheim successfully established a structure during his work to analyze all social phenomena, such as crimes and suicides which can be related in school shootings action nowadays. Therefore, as a social phenomenon, we can reframe school shootings. According to Durkheim, instead of considering school shootings as individually and isolated happening, we need to change our view of point. We should think about it that the whole can be bigger than its individual parts. He also concluded that all aspects of deep integration, such as family, country and so on. He claimed that religion is a society which can protect and save a human being from killing others. Increasing school shooting incidents are indicative of the disintegration of a community. And as this disintegration continues, the person moves back into himself and his own value system, sacrificing a sense of social significance, which means lose its social values.

The school shooting is created through a more modern mood of being annoyed, upset, or impatient and having no feeling excited about anything anymore in the world that is equally carry on to killing others. It often results from a cultural failure to enforce limits and restrictions, and satisfaction on a human being’s ambition and desire to have or achieve something, therefore creating gloomy and unhappiness. Economic calamity or unexpected and demand great optimism may cause it. A person without constraints is unable to feel happiness or pleasure as an individual without any hope. There are parallels between the phenomenon of school shootings and what Durkheim explains as the tragedy in anomic. In this way, when we expand the concept of Durkheim, several possibilities will become possible. School shootings are a social phenomenon which focuses on our sociological imagination and encourages us to consider new happening in society. Learning more about these social factors will allow us to come up with more effective solutions to the school shooting that derived gun violence.

In conclusion, school shooting is a complex issue which cannot always be avoided, but we can take a number of steps to minimize the severity and extent of the damage done. Schools need more protection. No one expects to start shooting a gun at school for killing innocent people at schools, such as students, teachers, and administrators. Any individuals need to have a deep positive self-image and self-confidence. There are also a lot of factors leading to school shootings, kids need to be learned how to manage stress in a safe manner in order to avoid their harmful impulsive behaviors that often contribute to self-destructive consequences.

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