The Strangest Criminal Laws in The World

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Ever wonder if you are unconsciously a criminal in the different side of the world? This article is for you. We have made a list of the strangest criminal laws and what might surprise you is that, you might be one. Respect is a hard-earned word. As travelers, one thing we always bring with us is respect to the nation that we are visiting. It is important that we show camaraderie and politeness to a territory we are unfamiliar with. But more than respect, we should be educated on what to do and not to do. Being ignorant is not an excuse to the crime.

In Philippines, there is a law about unjust vexation. To put it simply, annoying someone can be a crime. Yes, you read that right. Do you have an obnoxious neighbor you want to get rid of? Let them come to the Philippines and let the jurisdiction fine them for being too loud. We’re not even kidding. Annoying someone can be considered as a form of light coercion and are fined from 5 Philippine pesos to 2000 Philippine pesos.

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Chewing a gum is a NO. Singapore is considered as one of the cleanest countries in the world and there’s a reason why. They take cleanliness seriously. You would not even pass the immigration if you have a wrapped gum in your bag. Also, if you do really happen to chew a gum in a public place, you are considered an offender to Singapore and would end up in a cane beating. Unless, you have a certification that you need to chew gum for medical purposes.

No to flip-flops! There is a country-wide ban on noisy footwears in Capri, Italy. Not only on flip-flops but also those loud squeaky shoes when you are walking.

Too much potatoes are a crime! You cannot hoard potatoes even if it’s for personal consumption in Western Australia. The rule is: you can only have 50 kilograms maximum of potatoes. It is part of their rules in limiting imports. There are people specifically intended to inspect your car if you have bought too much potatoes.

Noise pollution is a serious case in this fast-paced world. Switzerland knows this and takes it seriously. There is a law requiring everybody not to flush the toilet after 10 pm as it is considered an offense.

Please don’t feed the pigeons. One of the must-do of every tourist is to be able to go to one of the famous hot spots of San Francisco, California. One of them is the city itself which catered to many pigeons. But they have a strict rule: don’t feed the pigeons! Reason: there’s too much dirt [poop] to clean.

There is something in Tuszyn, Poland that’s making some of the Disney fans growl of frustration. Well, Winnie the Pooh and other beloved characters are considered inappropriate and hermaphrodite in Poland. They are advised to leave these inappropriate characters at home. The reason of the government is that Winnie the Pooh does not wear pants and has a non-gender specific genitalia. Weird, right?

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