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Themes And Ideas In Raymond's Run

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“My family is my life, and everything else comes second as far as what's important to me.” By John Wooden

The story “Raymond’s Run” was written by the author Toni Cade Bambara in New York in the season of May. The theme of “Raymond’s Run,' is admiration and acceptance for the brother and rivalry between the teammates. The main character is Squeaky who eventually helps her mentally challenged brother, Raymond. As a result of Squeaky’ s life experiences, her life changed from a mean girl into a humble and compassionate girl.

First of all, Squeaky, in the story, thinks she is the best because she said she is the fastest thing on two feet so people can’t win against her. “I do not play the dozens or believe in standing around with somebody in my face…which is how I got the name Squeaky”. When she first appears in the story, Squeaky is a mean, all perfect, girl. When Squeaky sees someone in your face talking she will fight instead of listening. Then if things get too rough, she runs. “And as anybody can tell you, I’m the fastest thing on two feet…when I was a little kid in kindergarten.” Squeaky was implying that she is the fastest person in her team for track and field. Squeaky is saying that she is the fastest in the whole group in the track and field team and in the world.

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In the race still thinks that she is the fastest thing and there is nothing stopping her to win first place. For Example in P.G.280 , “I’m mercury cause I’m the swiftest thing in the neighborhood…May Day because the track meet is the last thing on the program.” She thinks that being mean will get her the winning trophy. But if she is mad with anger, her head will not be cleared and she cannot win the race. Squeaky can’t win the race with a mind and her head somewhere else she has too had a clear mind and forget about everything “Well, Squeaky he says, checking my name off the list.. kids don’t know any better than to run off the track or run the wrong way or run smack into the fence and fall down and cry.” Raymond was happy for squeaky that she got 1st place in the race. She was so happy that he showed her big brother how practices makes perfect and that example is that she practice and she won the race.

Secondly , “I stand there with my new plans, laughing out loud by this time as Raymond jumps down from the fence and runs over with his teeth showing and his arms down to the side. I’m jumping up and down so glad to see him—my brother Raymond, a great runner in the family tradition.” “In the first place . . .” the man on the loudspeaker is clear as a bell now. But then he pauses and the loudspeaker starts to whine. : I almost stop to watch my brother Raymond on his first run. But the white ribbon is bouncing toward me and I tear past it, racing into the distance till my feet with a mind of their own start digging up fools of dirt and break me shortly. In the first place—” and then three or four voices get all mixed up on the loudspeaker and me dig my sneaker into the grass and stare at Gretchen who’s staring back, we both wondering just who did win.

Therefore , Then if things get too rough, I run. And as anybody can tell you, I’m the fastest thing on two feet. I take my time getting to the park on May Day. The track meet is the last thing on the program. “In the first place, the man on the loudspeaker is clear as a bell now. But then he pauses and the loudspeaker starts to whine. she shows the process of your changing her life from a mean girl into a humble nice girl for helping her brother to train him into a fast machine so he could get the trophy for him that he wanted.

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