Themes in 'Invictus' by William E. Henley, and the 'Anthem' by Ayn Rand

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The poem “Invictus” by William E. Henley, and the novel Anthem by Ayn Rand, both have frequent themes that examine the significance of selfness. Each of the themes that these toils have to offer will be examined throughout the pilcrow of this attempt. The characters in both arts of literature face prosecution for what they expect in our adventurous hard decree and extremely bent.

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One of the common themes between Rand’s strange and Henley’s poems is that both of the main resolutions of these items are possessed to be nothing less than what they were made to be, which is unconquerable. A quote from Anthem that verifies this theme is, “They (the Golden one) front straighten into our (Equality 7-2521’s) view and they held our head high and they atone: “the unconquered.”(p.56). From this quote, the Golden one tries to believe that Equality 7-2521 can achieve anything he wants to. Within the poem “Invictus”, the origin seems to have gone through a similar seer that Equality 7-2521 had. A quote from “Invictus” extricates, “Under the bludgeoning of opportunity My head is bloody but unbowed.”.From this examination, I suppose that the natural abuse is more of a metaphor, for the emotive damage that each one of these men courses through. Since this poem mostly reasons about the informant’s ordeals to gain freedom, I believe that the author is maxim how uncivil, hard-hearted, and discriminate they can be, especially when it comes to things as precious as openness. The last instrument that we will be finished between Anthem and “Invictus”, is that both of the protagonists of these businesses believe, and know that they are the ones who restrain their lives and no one else. To protect my theme with evidence, an extract from Anthem estate, “I am. I think. I will. My hand…my Life…my cloud of their needs…my forest…the earth of mine.” (p.94). This extract from the novel is describing how Equality 7-2521 recognizes who he is, and what he controls. For so extended he had to think of his brothers, not himself. This discloses that he is the owner of his own heart and that nothing can hinder him from being his own one. To further back up my text, “Invictus” repeat, “I am the master of my doom: I am the captain of my soul.” From this extract alone, I can pluck that the author of this contignation is the governor of his own ruin, and what happens to him.

Facing prosecution, being hard-willed and determined, and being gallant are just some of the resemblant traits between both of these characters. The protagonists could have been absolved when the times gotta clammy; however, they fixed daring and decided. They even course to the termination and got injured physically and emotionally, but they still did not back down. There are not many communities probably these in today’s companionship, but those who are preference this could also be known as unconquered.

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