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Essay on Tumblr and Twitter: Literature Review

This section explains the criteria used for creating the corpus and selecting secondary literature, as well as the methodology employed to analyze both. To assemble the corpus, the first step was collecting as many samples as possible using trending hashtags such as #antivaxx, #vaccineswork, #measles and further similar ones; which resulted in over 200 samples total. Then this selection was filtered again based on the hypotheses (excluding H5), which led to the final corpus, which became the base for the...
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Double Voicing and Script Comparison in Tumblr and Twitter: Analytical Essay

Double-voicing This section explores double voicing in both platforms to test whether there is double-voicing present in both platforms’ samples and if there is what aspects it manifests differently. Vásquez and Creel (2017: 64) propose that double-voicing “is used by the authors of those Tumblr Chats who seemingly present the voice of a single ‘character’ (or participant), yet present two different – and often conflicting – meanings.” What is more, they state (cf 2017:66) that double-voicing is best achieved through...
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Comparative Analysis of Use of Hashtags in Tumblr and Twitter Posts

Application This chapter is a summary of the results of the practical application of the theories and literature presented in chapters 2 and 3. The main research question of this work is, as the title suggests: In what way do linguistic strategies used by users of both platforms differ from one another? Which of characteristics proposed in the hypotheses distinguish them from one another, if at all? In order to reply to these research questions, specific features of each platform...
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Impact of Tumblr on Mental Health: Reflective Essay

The internet is a source of innumerable connections and communications, giving us the ability to instantly contact someone miles away or across the country in seconds. But in Keith O’Brien’s The Empathy Deficit, he poses the suggestion that the internet is actually driving humans apart and making us less empathetic towards each other. Distant and isolated. “…New research suggests that behind all this communication and connectedness, something is missing. The study, conducted by researchers at the University of Michigan Institute...
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Detailed Overview of Tumblr and Twitter’s Features: Descriptive Essay

Anti-vaccination Discourse Online Before advancing to the main part of the study, this section is dedicated to explaining why the topic of anti-vaccination was chosen to be analyzed from a linguistic point of view, as well as why Tumblr and Twitter were the social media selected for the corpus, beyond the arguments cited in 1.1.1. This chapter has to main sections, 2.1., which provides with a detailed overview of Tumblr and Twitter’s features, with special emphasis to those relevant for...
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