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What Are They, the Artists of the Pop Art Movement?

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Artist tried to create art which everyone could understand and corelate. They tried to incorporate imagery and materials from their daily environment; thus, pop art was born. One of the most recognizable and influential development of the 20th century was pop art. It was a strong movement, that emerged from Britain and America in the 1950s. Pop art used everyday objects and mass media influences to produce a relatable sense of contemporary art.

Pop art challenges the norm and traditional boundaries of artworks, it introduced many new techniques and mediums. Pop artist commonly merged elements of painting with photography, adding text, printmaking, adding the component of humor, using commercial logos to add meaning/depth, popular imagery, and vibrant primary colors. Pop art stands out because of the colors and its unique style, it highlights components commercialized art and reference to everyday objects. Elements of pop art are similar to 1900s commercial advertising. Pop art has a low subject matter, it could be understood as manifestations.

‘WHAAM!’ by Roy Lichtenstein, is spilt into two panels; to give a comic book illusion, it helps emphasize the WWII American plane. Lichtenstein intentionally includes a military aspect, to comment on the world through his art; his painting referred to a post-war environment and debate for peace. It's a common element, which everyone could understand, as war had affected everyone. He comments on the world, with subject matter of war, refers to many American movies/ comics that featured war. Lichtenstein was commenting/conveying a warning of conflict - the Vietnam War. Considering that Lichtenstein was in the army, ‘WHAAM!’ has a deeper meaning - about violence in the real world.

Roy Lichtenstein was inspired, by a panel drawn from the All-American-War illustrated by Irv Novick (89th issue published by DC comics in 1962). Lichtenstein works are often inspired by popular imagery from comics/cartoons, he merges it with aspects of an advertisement. He made alternations with: storytelling elements, graphical imagery and placement of art.

‘In the Car’ by Roy Lichtenstein, he presents his artwork with subject of stereotypical 'boy and girl' matter, to comment on love and ‘American beauty’.

Lichtenstein comments on the world through imagery in numerous aspects: having no dialogue/text, each person assumes distinct scenario; they can imagine if this was a story it would establish their relationship, with a happy ending. Telling a story in his painting, emphases a woman caught up in boy troubles/drama. The audience can see the tension of romance between the woman and man. His painting illustrates a sensational exaggerated scene, how the man looks at the woman, sparks a love connection between them. Lichtenstein’s comments romantic environment and makes connection to popular love themed movies. His inspirations were from ‘Girls' Romance Issue 78#’. Both have similar characteristics/elements, but Lichtenstein adds: depth/meaning; ads elements/subject matter; adding lines, symbolizes movement, describe movement in the car; unrealistic colors to comment on beauty.

Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans consists of 32 canvases. It comments on the world through its medium/style. The commercialized/advertisement style offended the dominant style of painting in the USA. Warhol intentionally presented his artwork as products sitting on shelves to comment on the world through imagery; he wanted to create art which everyone could understand. By presenting his artwork in this format, the public could feel a connection to it and visualize if though they were in the supermarket.

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Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans is inspired by soup cans from his personal life. Warhol states that Campbell's soup was his favorite daily meal; he frequently had the soup 20 years. He wanted to make art which connect into his individual life and to the public. Warhol purposely made 32 different soup cans, to present a supermarket illusion and amount of soup he drank. Usage of repetition, exhibits themes of mass production and highlights commercial culture.

‘Marilyn Diptych’ by Andy Warhol, it has the subject of a modern actress-Marilyn Monroe. Warhol comments on the world through his subject matter, medium and style. Warhol tries to paint her in an attractive manner, looking directly at the viewers. He does by commenting on her beauty. The usage of unrealistic rich colors, he comments on makeup/beauty-how the media/movies has influenced people. He makes us question what is true beauty?

Warhol was inspired by the mass-media influences that commented on the death of Marilyn Monroe. Warhol's painting represents death and celebrity culture. The constant recurrence of her in the painting, it comments on the appearance of in the media and her popularity. He was inspired by imagery of her Niagara. She became a popular ionic representation for love; most men were attracted to her and this is why Warhol choose to paint her. Usage vibrant colors to black and white - to expresser her death.

Artists attempted to produce art which everyone could understand and refer to. They tried to consolidate imagery and materials from their regular environment; thus, pop art was born. The sole focus of the pop art movement is to produce an artwork that emphasizes the community and culture of that time. This is what artist of the pop art movement did; they consolidated popular imagery, from mass media influences to compose a recognizable art. Artist of the pop art movement are clever artist, they looked for motivation from their daily environment. They used advertisements, comic books, celebrity culture, and consumer products for inspiration. Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein did this to effectively communicate the subject matter of their art and address a message.

Pop artist are not intellectual thieves because they use popular imagery as a source of inspiration and something to refer to in their art. Pop artist is clever because of the way they express and communicate through a wider audience in a visual language, that the audience can relate to and understand what the artist is saying. They do this by using popular imagery that everyone person is aware of and knowns some context behind it.

Both Warhol and Lichtenstein believed that everything is art in some shape/form. Their emotions and beliefs about art could be best summarized by the famous quote of Andy Warhol: “I see art in everything. Your shoes. That car. This coffee cup. It's art if you see it as art”.

Through the pop art movement, artist such as Andy Warhol used different celebrity public figures to represent an iconic or symbolism an aspect. Andy Warhol used his artwork ‘Marilyn Diptych’ to communicate a message about her death to the nation. He did this by using various everyday elements to create connections between the art and people. By using a popular celebrity iconic Andy Warhol is a clever artist because he comments on the environment around him and incorporates the thematic idea of love. The artwork ‘WHAMM!’ is originally inspired by a dc comic, but both images differ and communicate different ideas. Roy Lichtenstein gives more depth and meaning to ‘WHAMM!’ he associations a message about war.

In conclusion, artist are not intellectual thieves but a clever artist who use popular imagery from their daily environment, they aim to create a relatable art that can effectively communicate a message or subject matter to a wider audience. Warhol and Lichtenstein use popular imagery as inspiration to express a message.

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