Why I Am a Supporter of Socialism

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Political ideology is a fixed or settled set of ethical ideas, principles or foundation for a system, doctrines about the political, economic, social and cultural affairs held by the people and explains how the society should work on, how to allocate power and on what extent it should be used. The man has an ideal thing that has to be fill in and that is called necessities. There are things that we need to comply for ourselves and things that the government should work to provide for the citizens of its country.

As a citizen of this country, I have to provide my basic needs and personal wants to survive my everyday lives. On the side of the governing body, they should provide security from internal and external threats in our lives and properties, and have a safe exchange of goods and ideas with its citizen. To achieve social change, both must comply. The citizen must be responsible and be flexible to allow when there is changes in political structure, while the government must comply to their platforms. But what if the two doesn’t working anymore because of the poor system? Is there any solutions we need to recommend?

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Many of them have mixed economies, so there are incorporation between socialism with capitalism, communism or bot. If I will apply this ideology in our system, we will adjust because of transition. It’s normal to adjust especially of we want a change in society. So from democratic country, a constitutional republic where the representatives are elected by the people within the country, rules and law are written in the constitution, the state and the government of the country is headed by the president, to democratic socialism where there is also democratically elected government, but the means of production are managed by the working people. For example, government and individual can hold a property, but there is limitation. They can hold only what is allowable for them. For the workers, they are the one who are deciding how long they will work according to their own needs, and they have the right to speak on management’s decision. Under economic planning, there is central planning where it discusses the problems of an economy and how will they take an action. They are not just giving an idea how to resolve such problems. They study it intensively and thoroughly before applying the solution on the problem. I think this is one of the problem of our country. Trying to resolve a problem but nothing happened. In socialism, there is no competition because the factors of production are owned by everyone, the attribute of the citizen is according to their ability and everyone will benefit based on their contributions.

Government control the distribution of goods, mass transit or transportation that is available for the use of public, housing where the social and regional differences in housing conditions. That’s why government plays a significant role in decision making. These are just a few features of socialism.

Just like what I’ve said, government plays significant role because they are the operating machine in each country. No one will say ‘Ang mayaman ay lalong yumayaman, at ang mahirap ay lalong naghihirap’ because everyone will be equal through producing and distributing the wealth and power to everyone. Although there are many that will attack this ideology, it won’t matter if it’s executed well by the government.

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