William Faulkner's A Rose For Emily: The Consequences Of Having A Present Life Guided By The Past

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The story is about the death of town’s old isolated woman, the very last surviving individual who had confronted the American South by the American Civil War. She had the recollections within her of the era of white power and black oppression. The prejudice given to her by her father had a bad influence on her entire life, the town people of Mississippi collect for the funeral of Miss Emily, cold and reclusive 74 years old spinster Lester to town her entire life. she was like a memorial to the past a strange fixture of town folklore. Emily’s slow disconnection from the world of her neighbor's house and the reasons for which she wanted to end her life surrounded by her memories. William Faulkner tale “A Rose for Emily” to the explanation going on how the very South, at its personal risk is rejecting for assuming the certainty of past then societal change. Miss Emily in a quiet, solitary lifetime, she has decided to get married, her rules of living wage, as a result as the man she preferred for forming a family.

William Faulkner begins to relate us of the death of Emily, she died in 1918 of 74 years and then explains or gives details of what was happening at the beginning until her death, speaking of culture, Emily is born of a family belonging to an elite minority who ran a company at that time, while noting that the family had a very beautiful house, in 1875 Emily’s father Mr. Grierson died. it should be noted that, as far as Emily's father was concerned, he was depicted as a cruel father who hunted all the pretenders who approached his daughter by considering these people were not well for his daughter.

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At the age of 32 years in 1876, the great Emily has the chance to marry a man from the north calls Homer Barron who is not class of workers, who 'is not rich takes Emily in buggy wrinkles on Sunday. it should be mentioned that at that time, many people in the city looked at Mr. Homer Barron in a way to compare his social class with the man, saying this man is not of the same social class with Emily and these people pointed out that Emily was raising in her family in a way that a northern person is not good for her. The people of the city were surprised to see her on Sunday bugging with homer Barron, in 1877, two cousins during their visit to Emily, they pushed her not to get married at Mr. Home saying that it is not clean for her to be seen with Homer.

Faulkner uses this usual arrangement; it is in a zone where he grew up New Albany in the Count of Lafayette whose history extends nearly 75 years. In the story 'A rose for Emily', the main character Emily Grierson, she is a nature of the American War in 1861 and died in the late 1920s. After that there is reconstruction because the facts of 'A rose for Emily' took place exactly after the civil war. these facts came to light during the reconstruction period in the South. Which is why the many southern states have created a slogan called black codes to increase the rights of free black to use and direct manual labor. all the southern states had an obligation to swear loyalty to union as a unique and inseparable nation. To abound the slave and pay their war bail but also to allow themselves to restore and manage their own community. it is indeed in the story 'Rose for Emily', the mayor Colonel Sartoris can say that no black woman should appear in the street without an apron.

The historical context of the story of “A Rose for Emily” is what the story is set in the years following the civil war, this time is also sometimes referred to as the Reconstruction era, so this is the time when the Southern states were rebuilding and rethinking their way of life after the Civil war. We refer to the time when the South was ruled by a wealthy class of white men who owned property. These men were kind of like an aristocracy almost like what you have in your opinion. In England they were not necessarily called princess of some things but that was more of us their station they were wealthyproperty owners they did not practice the profession of the ownership was how they made their money and of course, that money was made on the black of slave labor after the civil war, when slavery was at least officially ended, you can imagine that for an economy that was built entirely on slave labor if you just remove it and make it illegal. Economy previously very wealthy nobleman become no better than their neighbors and in some cases worse off than their neighbors because they were used to a way of life, they did not have to work and suddenly they are kind of thrust into the modern world and not modern world we call the new South, which is a more egalitarian time in place, so everybody has to work for what they have nobody owns or commands others and Miss Emily’s family in this story were members of that alley.

The story tells us how MS Emily is living forever in the past while the wave around her advances Emily Grierson is a strange personality with distinguished characteristics, in front of the eyes of other people she is considered a crazy woman in the fact that she kills her lover to keep him forever with herself, she is a static character who is locked in her past life and unable to change to live according to the evolution of time. Using symbols indicating the death and decadence of a woman whose life ends long before her death. the important symbols of death and decomposition present in history is the house of MS Emily, the appearance and atmosphere of the house allows us to judge on the characteristics of death and decadence in life; Emily. the street is his house has completely changed, except that of MS Emily. The house was a horror in the city and Emily herself was a greater horror in society.

The significance point, the communal sense given the right to vote, when she died, the whole town went to her funeral, the fact that this woman death is a community event, shows us that this narrative is part of his community and Miss Emily means something significant to this town, she is not just any other individual. Miss Emily signifies a section of the South that its belief and history has ceased and barred from rising in a nutritious sense which is based in the south side area and solves rather over the tradition from the past. William Faulkner ‘story” A Rose for Emily “introduces Emily as a very persistent person who chose to live her life in her own path and discover her own way to get solution to the problem and the circumstances, she has developed a technique to guide her life and does not care about a limitation of the society.

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