Wuthering Heights As A Gothic Novel

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Emily Bronte was born on the 30th July 1818 in west Yorkshire. She is one of the most significant figure of the nineteenth century literature. Although she lived a brief and a protective life she has left behind some of the most passionate and inspiring works. Among the six children that included the famous Charlotte and Bradford Bronte she was the fifth child. She was good at art just lie her siblings. Emily was self taught she was also good at music but terrible at spellings, she learnt to draw by copying images from manuals and popular prints of the day. At her early age birds, plants, animals where a significant part of her poetry as she wrote about all that she could observe as a subject of her poetry.

The Bronte sisters were isolated both socially and intellectually and gave themselves to fantasy worlds which were found in the poems, tales also in the magazines. She collaborated with her sisters Anne and Charlotte and wrote poems under the pseudonym Ellis Bell. She wrote about her exploration of self, imagination and she was closely connected to the Romantic poets like Samuel Taylor Coleridge and William Wordsworth rather than the Victorian writers the ones of her period like Alfred, Lord Tennyson and Robert Browning. She was quite devoted to her work and also appreciated the works of her peer writers such as the works of Emily Dickinson’s. Emily Bronte wrote several poems and had no intension to get them published or to even show them to her family. Emily along with her sister Anne created a fictional, women centered world called Gondal. Though Emily is greatly known for her novel, Wuthering Heights she sent most of her creative energy in the construction of Gondal a extensive imaginary island located in the pacific Ocean that was ruled by women.

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Both the sisters Anne and Emily wrote narrative poems that described Gondals dynastic family sagas and political battles a land of wild moors. Gondal reflected the real world psychologically and in terms of moral laws where as the other two siblings choose emotional dreamworld to write about. She had to pay to get Wuthering Heights published which is also a reason why women found it was very difficult to write in that age. A lot of her Gondal poems and her novel was considered as antiromantic. Her idea of love was not eternity but rather she refused it unlie the other romantic poets as William Blake, William Wordsworth, and Lord Bryon. Wuthering Heights was different from the other novels of that age due to its dramatic and poetic presentation. Wuthering Heights was initially not accepted by several publishers before Thomas Cautley Newby’s acceptance. Even though she is more renowned as a novelist than as a poet, scholars gaze at her poetry as a considerable part of her work. By the early twentieth century she was considered as one of the most important women novelists of the century.

The novel Wuthering Heights was considered one of the most powerful and original works in the nineteenth century literature, in which elements of the Gothic novel, the Romantic novel, and the social criticism were found. At the beginning Wuthering Heights was not appreciated by the critics in terms of its literary significance and the crude side of life that she has depicted in her novel. After her brother’s death she got ill Emily caught cold which soon developed into swelling of the lungs and led to a disease called tuberculosis her condition worsened gradually, she declined medical help, saying that she would have 'no poisoning doctor' close to her and died on nineteenth December 1848 she was at the age of thirty. There is no evidence of a document for a second novel , but many thought that her sister Charlotte might have burnt it with a lot of Emily’s other material after her death as the letter from Emily’s publisher suggests that she had started to write her second novel but the manuscripts were not found.

Victorian Age (1837-1901) ruled by Queen Victoria being one of the most important eras in the history of English literature. Equipment and manufacturing development helped Britain to be one of the leading countries of the world. The Victorian age was a time of great wealth in the History of English Literature. This period the lower-class became more insecure but on the other hand, the middle-class people got more power. Basically it was the raise of the middle class. The wealthy became vulnerable in the society. Just as the Elizabethan England, The Victorian England saw growth of prosperity, prestige, and culture. Some of the most important topics were democracy, feminism, socialism etc. Victorian period was a time of disagreement, which can also be termed as Victorian Compromise. There were a lot of differences between science and religion. Various conflicts arose due to this. Secondly, the gap between the rich and the poor increased.

The poor started getting poorer and the rich started getting richer. The rich people hired the labors and gave them low wages as it was the time when there was industrial development and thus the work of the labors reduced which resulted in their poor becoming poorer and rich becoming richer. Victorian novels depicted almost every perspective of Victorian life. Though poetry and prose were luminous, it was the novel that overwhelmingly proved to be the Victorians special literary victory. Charles Dickens, Great Expectations, and David Copperfield are some of the most prominent authors. During the eighteenth century there was a raise in novel and also the decline of drama was seen during this time also the raise of Addison

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