50 Resources for Home Learning and More

While it cannot be denied that coronavirus times have changed the way we learn these days and affected our college lives, it does not mean that one must instantly give up with the studies and wait for sudden changes. On the contrary, these turbulent times are an opportunity to implement helpful online learning resources to study at your own pace in the comfort of your home! 

Top 50 Free Home Learning Resources for Students 

  • General Resources 

InterAgency Standing Committee. Operated by the WHO, this resource provides educational information in terms of mental health support and psychological help during one's daily life and studies in the times of Covid-19. 

Coursera. The famous online courses, many of which are free, are taught by professional instructors from the world's top universities and organisations that provide skilled assistance by the acknowledged experts. 

Khan Academy. Regardless if you need to polish your skills in Basic Algebra or have a difficult time getting through the Humanities school course, there are numerous free opportunities that you can choose from by learning when and how you prefer. 

LabXchange. A wonderful online community that lets you learn, share, and collaborate from the comfort of your home as you access high-quality educational content and talk to professionals. 

Alison. Free courses online that can help you get ready for various international exams and get a diploma from the verified colleges and universities. Be it Marketing, Science, or Digital Healthcare Management, you can find it here. 

eRevision. Free for the period of Covid-19 and the college closures. It has various exams, including GCSE, BTEC, OCR National Exam, and the various A-level specifications to help you enter the college or university of choice. 

Write my essay. Useful service to get customly crafted papers in a short period of time. It allows students to focus on more important subjects or personal matters.

  • Math 

Blutick. This free resource covers the Math curriculum which makes it quite handy even for college students these days since one can remind about the Algebra and Geometry basics or polish one's knowledge of Calculus. 

Math Modelling Art. If you ever thought about creating amazing 2D or 3D models for your Math homework or projects in Engineering or Architecture, look no further as this will keep you busy for days! 

Imperial College's Free Math Course. If you want to get A-Level results and succeed with a majority of exams that deal with Calculus, Analysis, and Algebra, it is the best choice. 

Mental Maths Quiz App. Since mental Math is becoming even more popular than ever, this mobile app is a good way to get over the calculation challenges and boost one's mind. 

NRich Cambridge's Secondary Math. If you want to interact with the various activities and games, this free resource is a good option that does not take much time and has a play form to it. 

Numbots. If your time is really short and you absolutely dislike anything to do with Math, these games that deal with addition and subtraction will keep your brain trained as it is pure fun worth checking out! 

  • Science

MysteryScience. Do not let the STEM education pass you by! Refresh your knowledge about Science by joining this free 1-year-long membership that aligns with the Next Generation Science Standards that mixes various Engineering techniques in. 

Alchemie. Take some time for your home learning activities and remember the school Chemistry basics.

Physics Blog Tutoring. A rare resource that covers specific topics related to Physics in a blog form that is both entertaining and accessible free of charge. 

ICell App. Those who prefer mobile applications can install this app solution and explore the growth and creation of cells online (or offline). 

UEN Science Interactive. It deals with Physics, Genetics, Chemistry, and Engineering, making things interesting and unique. 

Royal Institution. If you prefer making your own scientific experiments at home, there is no better way than to do so under the guidance of the British Royal Institution's helpful video guides. 

  • History 

Mexicolore. Add some free video conferencing to your History lessons by covering anything from the Aztecs to the specifics of the Ancient Mexican Calendar and the traditions related to the region.

OER project. Even when you only need some reference for your essay on a certain subject, this amazing archive of history, 13.8 billion years’ period, placed online is hard to beat! 

Visit the World's Museums Online. Although we cannot travel at the moment due to Covid-19 restrictions, it does not mean that we cannot visit the virtual museums for an interactive learning experience. 

BBC Radio 4 History Podcasts Archive. If you would rather listen than read through yet another book, this resource lets you rest your eyes (and the back) and enjoy hearing the history lessons. 

Historical Association UK. Why not test your skills in modern history and browse through the latest archives of modern British history and beyond? Worth a try! 

British Museum. Do not forget about Youtube's channel of the famous British Museum that many of the UK students must explore! 

  • Programming & Data Science 

Adobe's Guide to Photography & Editing. Learn how to edit your photography and party snapshots like a pro! 

Code.Org. If you want to learn the basics of coding and programming, this resource offers free 1-hour long tutorials in over 45 languages. 

Atrixware E-Learning Solutions. Learn how to create presentations by using the basics of Data Management and Digital Presentations. 

KnowledgeNet. If your school or college course relates to the IT subjects, this useful database will help you to stay aware of all the latest news and learn more about the study tricks. 

iHomework. This app lets you use AI-powered resources for any homework subject. While it does require some IT knowledge, it is fully custom and can work wonders. 

TED-ED Video Lessons. While they may not be directly related to IT, these videos provide explanations of experts about how the IT advancements are being used in practice. 

  • Art & Media 

Free Piano Lessons Online. All you need is this free Apple mobile application to get started with music education lessons. 

Music Gurus. Learn about guitars, drums, synthesizers, or sound recording with professionals. Join this free course and have 30 days of learning where you do not have to pay a schilling! 

National Scottish Gallery. This resource offers tools for creative thinking, learning, and practicing your knowledge in Arts. 

Parlia. An unusual platform that represents the map of various world's cultures. The trick is to map your opinion on certain matters by stating where you are from. 

Walter's Museum. Learn about the greatest achievements in the field of artistic creativity from all corners of the world. 

Black History in the UK. An important resource, especially considering the latest events and the justice movements. 

  • English

Free Literature Online Classics Archive. It has a plethora of free e-books, poetry collections, classic titles, and even some rare scientific entries that are worth checking. 

Gutenberg. One of those resources that every student must know. This project has everything from Shakespeare and Mark Twain to Edgar Alan Poe. 

Mr. Bruff Literature Podcasts. Take a free opportunity to listen to these English literature podcasts that have a great educational value. 

Nessy. Although it is mostly meant for children, this resource will help any person with a dyslexia learning disorder or those that learn English spelling. Best of all, it is free and fun! 

Learning From Home with English Poetry Society. It has great resources and online workshops that deal with poetry learning and analysis. 

Free Literature Archive with Study Guides. Discover your favourite book titles or those that you have to read with the helpful learning guides composed by professional English professors. You can also buy an essay online to see how it should be composed and master your own writing abilities.

  • Mental Growth & Special Needs

Home Skills Builder. Learning at home is not easy for all of us, which is why this resource offers some great tips for students of all ages! 

ADP Group Support. If learning at home relates to any Auditory Processing Disorder issues for you, this resource offers support information in the UK. 

MemRise. A free resource that helps you to grow mentally by learning a foreign language at your own learning pace via a unique interactive platform. 

Sacred Texts Made Accessible. Powered by the British National Library, this archive lets you focus on the Sacred Texts for your Religion, History, or any other class. 

Social, Emotional & Mental Health Guide. UCL Institute of Education offers information about studying at home and the ways to cope with mental challenges. 

Discovery Education. Let yourself grow as you learn about various environmental issues by watching the premium content made free for the lockdown period. 

Kialo. A public discussion platform to start debates about any topics related to the latest events or academic challenges. 

  • Helpful Planning Mobile Apps 

Wunderlist. Keep your tasks organized and your life in order with this free mobile app. 

Todoist. When you have lots of home tasks to do and study at the same time, this is your best online schedule solution and planner in one. 

As we can see, quarantine is no reason to stop education because you can always mix technology and your existing knowledge to succeed, learn, and do better! 

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