Analytical Essay on Why Did Brutus Join the Conspiracy:

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This play teaches us about deception and manipulation to create an environment where it seems no one can be trusted. This play is still relevant and can teach us a lot about modern-day society and the fundamental parts of politics. Looking over the past, nothing much has changed. Interpreting the play from different perspectives grants us not just knowledge, but a way of thinking.

Elections seem to have changed little when we look at our current campaigns. Cassius’ argument appeals to Brutus’ concept of an idealized Rome, one supposedly never having political despots. Brutus is persuaded by Cassius’ rhetoric to join the conspirators plotting Caesar’s assassination. Caesar, on the other hand, had already been made dictator but refused a king’s crown. Power is more than just being above people, it's controlling them.

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When Casca, a senator, notes the Senate intends to grant Caesar the crown the next day, Brutus argues that Caesar, contrary to what is stated, will accept the kingship, and sees the murder as the virtue of our enterprise, keeping Rome free. Throughout the drama, the role of political rhetoric takes center stage, first in persuading the conspirators to act and later by gaining the support of the Roman crowds, for who controls the mob controls Rome. After Caesar’s assassination, Brutus tries to sway the mob with his political rhetoric, but Mark Antony in the famous funeral oration sways the funeral crowd to rise up against the assassins. Octavius, Caesar’s adopted son and appointed successor, with his legions, has arrived in Rome as Antony lets mischief loose.

The play pushes on ambition and democratic ideologies pushing and pulling between different forces of “good and evil” leaving Caesar trapped in a corner thus letting us gain insight into the situation and how the assassination wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, as Caesar’s power was growing more dominant. The death of Caesar plays an important role in Rome’s history as death brings new life.

Now there was not just a Roman king, but instead, an emperor, one person, Caesar’s adopted son, ruling absolutely not only Rome but also the world. Indeed, it is a strange-disposed time, But men may construe things after their fashion, Clean from the purpose of the things themselves. Indeed, these are strangely altered times, for people may interpret things as they want to, Opposite the meaning or truth of the things themselves.

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