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Argumentative Essay on ‘Tell Tale Heart’

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Tell Tale Heart

Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe’s story ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’ is about a man’s depression and descent into madness. The narrator and his obsessions are the focus of the story. The story is narrated in the first person by the protagonist himself. Because the reader only has one side of the story to deal with, the story’s point of view is crucial. As a result, the reader only gets to hear and see what the narrator thinks and sees. This makes determining why the narrator turns insane extremely difficult. The narrator, on the other hand, does convey his insane condition, and he does it through his obsessions. Obsessions for the narrator include his own sanity, the old man’s evil stare, and the old man’s pounding heart.

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The story, ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’s a narrative about a man, in this instance the narrator, who visits another man’s bedroom for eight nights in a row. He stands at the door, a single ray of light pointing directly at the sleeping man’s eye, which the narrator believes is an evil eye. The man is sitting up in bed with one eye open on the eighth night, and the narrator, overwhelmed by the ‘evil eye’ and the sound of the man’s pounding heart, rushes into the room and murders the man in his bed. The narrator dismembers the body after the murder and buries the old man under his floor. The narrator makes it very clear that he is not mad as the story progresses. The reader is led to believe that the narrator is attempting to persuade him or her that he is not insane by the manner he says this.

The interpretation of ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’ is that it is a moralizing tale about guilt and innocence. The sound of the pounding heart has been interpreted by critics as the narrator’s guilty conscience reminding him of his crime. In ‘The Tell-Tale Heart,’ Poe develops the central idea of obsession through his narrator, who is tormented by the old man’s sight. Poe also used the technique of repetition to convey the narrator’s obsession with the old man’s sight. Poe uses the beginning of the story to reveal the narrator’s obsessive nature. After all of that, I believe The Tell-Tale Heart is trying to emphasize the moral of conscience. If you have any sense of morality, the injustice you’ve committed will haunt you. You must accept responsibility for your actions and deal honestly with the consequences of your actions, or they will continue to bother you and influence the way you think and live. You may be able to keep the evil you’ve done hidden from everyone except yourself, but it will always be present in your mind. You’ll be able to see what you’ve done. You will not be in a healthy position until you confront and overcome those concerns, and God will know what you’ve done. It’s impossible to get away from yourself. Whether you deal with it or not, reality will always be there. Those, I believe, are the story’s most important moral lessons.

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