Arguments For and Against the Second Amendment: Critical Analysis

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The government positively affects my life by allowing U.S citizens including me, to possess weapons such as various types of firearms. Allowing U.S Citizens to carry firearms has been in effect since 1791, this ratification to the bill of rights keeps citizens protected and safe in their own homes. This ratification is called the 2nd amendment, the 2nd amendment allows anyone who is a U.S Citizen and does not have any obstructing felonies to possess a firearm with a license, these licenses have to be provided by government authority, typically at gun shops or gun ranges.

The 2nd Amendment has been in question many times, the most recent being District of Columbia v. Heller in which the supreme court ruled that it was unconstitutional to make people who have guns in their homes to disassemble or be nonfunctional with a trigger lock, as this violated the 2nd Amendment, they also tried to ban handguns as a whole which was also ruled as unconstitutional due to handguns being classified as a firearm, which is in protection of the 2nd amendment.

To possess a firearm you must first obtain a firearms license through a registered license dealer such as your local gun shop or firing range. Although the right to possess a firearm is essential, rules and regulations need to be set so that not just anyone is able to obtain one.

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Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968 prohibited the sell of handguns to anyone under the age of 21, this is one regulation that is essential in preventing anyone from possessing a firearm. This regulation is needed to prevent immature people from getting their hands on a firearm.

The government impacts my daily life by allowing U.S citizens to protect themselves with firearms and prevent harmful things from happening with their weapons. The atf is what helps make rules and regulations on firearms. In my personal opinion, one reason no country has ever tried to invade the U.S would be due to our easy access to guns, if a country intends to invade for example texas, citizens of texas who own guns could potentially protect themselves from the enemy, this is one reason i believe firearms are essential.

In general firearms are essential to keep people protected from harmful events, such as a shooting. Although firearms can be used to prevent such events, they can be used to cause them, i do however believe that their needs to be more regulation on whos able to obtain firearms and who isn't. These types of regulations would help prevent things like school shootings. In recent years school shootings has increased a ton and many believe its due to little regulation on the possibility to obtain a firearm, i believe that there should be more stipulations on this.

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