Arguments for Free Health Care in the UK

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Many people know Health care in Scotland is free and people believe that everything under the NHS is provided with this ‘free health care’. This is not always the case. As I was sitting in the waiting room of an orthodontist a young boy came out from his checkup. At the desk, he was told that because he lost his first brace, the second set would have to be bought yourself. Obviously, this would be a shock. Turning up to an appointment which didn't cost anything unless you decided to buy anything separately. When you have your first appointment at the orthodontist they will tell you whether the NHS has agreed to pay for the brace. This basically means if it was declined you would be made to pay for everything to start with but saying these people often believe that it will always be given out to patients free of any charge. The NHS only provides free healthcare and extras to a certain extent, and these benefits are all funded through universal taxation.

In most countries today where you need to pay for your health care and checkups. In the United Kingdom our National health service for England, Scotland and Wales are the NHS which was founded in 1948. The point of free health care is to respond to everyone's circumstances and necessities, but should we still get free health care when many UK citizens are wealthy enough to pay for it.

When talking about the NHS there are many advantages and since thousands of people in the Uk have had free healthcare it would become difficult to suddenly put prices on everything. As Scotland, Wales and England have never had to pay for checkups and prescriptions many people don't realise how much of impact-free healthcare is on people's lives. I may only be speaking about one country but there are over 40 countries in the world who provide free healthcare to residents.

In Scotland, a large amount of the NHS is paid through by tax from people's incomes. It has been said that the NHS will never get rid of free emergency treatments to patients in the UK. This means if someone was in an accident they would not have to pay for surgery or medical care. In 2003 the National Insurance for NHS financing was expanded. It increased the tax that comes from peoples wages to change through tax coming from wages for different advantages.

In many people's opinions having the luxury of healthcare with is free means people can have a chance to speak one on one with a qualified doctor or nurse about your health and any concerns you may have. This may not seem like a huge reason why having a good healthcare system is beneficial but it has been said that talking to someone can lead to long term benefits. Having health checks tries to put attention on lowering the possibility of different illnesses. A type of illness which has been proven to have lowered means that a patient's blood vessels can be narrowed or blocked then causes heart attacks, chest pain or stroke.

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When people have worries about their health some people go straight to the internet for advice. If you are looking for medical information or concerns the internet shouldn't be the first thing people look at. This is because the internet is full of incorrect facts and can make people worried about potential problems.

The NHS in Scotland has chosen to expand profits for parts of the health care to about £700 million. This creates more jobs to be available and allows more equipment, surgeries and medication paid for. In the last 60+years, the NHS in the Uk’s budget has increased around £140 billion.

Many people in Scotland don't realize that prescription from the NHS was charged years ago. The SNP (The Scottish National Party) decided to change medication which is given by the NHS to be free for anyone in Scotland. This did not follow England as they are changed around £7. Although most people pay for their medication its free for children, people who take in very low earnings or people who have serious illnesses. Is this fair that only half of the company pays and the other doesn't? Should we have to pay for our prescriptions again? This may come across that everyone in Scotland actually gets everything under the NHS free. Well, that's not correct. In Scotland, we have a higher tax charge compared to England and Wales which people may argue to say that's why we have free medication prescribed.

In a recent vote in parliament about leaving the EU, many people were worried it would affect the NHS in many different ways. If they decide to leave we would no longer be able to use the European Health Insurance cards. It would make travelling anywhere in the EU more difficult and if you needed any medical care you would need to pay.

After researching about this topic of NHS Free Health Care, I have discovered that it may sound like Scotland is provided with more, but realistically they are not. Although England and Wales have to pay for their medication, it is such a small part of the NHS which is not given to them. All checkups and most surgeries are provided free. Once I leave school and follow onto my future career I will have a better understanding of paying taxes to the government, which is where most of the money from the NHS comes from. I personally think there shouldn't be any change to the NHS in England, Wales and Scotland by the way they don’t charge for health checkups for anyone who has worries. Letting patients communicate with experts in the NHS can put people at ease. Depending on their situation NHS free health care has helped thousands of people in the last 71 years. Taking this away from people would mean that many people who have very low incomes would struggle to afford to get help.

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