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Benefits of Dissertation and Coursework: Analytical Essay

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Academic Writing

Academic writing is clear, concise, focused, structured, and backed up by evidence. Its purpose is to aid the reader’s understanding.

It has a formal tone and style, but it is not complex and does not require the use of long sentences and complicated vocabulary.

Each subject discipline will have certain writing conventions, vocabulary, and types of discourse that you will become familiar with over the course of your degree. However, there are some general characteristics of academic writing that are relevant across all disciplines.

There are two main types of Master's Degrees – course-based (taught) and research-based. Course-based Master's Degrees are based on course modules taught through lectures, lab work, seminars, or distance learning, while research-based Master's Degrees requires student to carry out their own research project in a specialized field of study. Research Master's Degrees normally take longer than taught Master's Degrees to complete.

Coursework programs have a structure consisting of core, elective and optional units and require enrolment in these units, attendance for any timetabled classes, and completion of assignments. Some postgraduate courses are now available through online study and attendance is not required there. Most Coursework based Masters have a research element and may require completion of a minor thesis.

Research qualifications are awarded following the completion of a major thesis, which involves independent original research under the supervision of a senior academic. The students can be required to undertake some extra units to expand their skills, but this is decided on case to case basis. Progress on courses is assessed through reports from student/supervisor to relevant graduate studies committee, and not through required assignments.


Most undergraduate business courses and post-graduate MBAs require students to complete a dissertation. This is an extended piece – often structured like a report – which usually involves undertaking research or a project (this may be based your placement or previous work experience) as well as reflection on and discussion of that work.

The whole project and dissertation process can cause students a lot of grief. It differs from what most have previously produced in requiring more of most things – more research in greater depth, more reading, more time, more independence (students select their own topics and work on them in isolation), more planning, and above all, a more extended piece of writing.

As distinct from an essay, where you critically evaluate other people’s ideas, you will need to report on your own research or work and offer your own thoughts and interpretation. However, you will also need to include and critique the ideas of other writers in order to provide a theoretical framework for your own ideas.

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Coursework is a piece of assignment given to students that has to be done over the academic year and then handed in before official IGCSE examinations begin.

Coursework is part of the exam papers that you are taking, and they contribute to certain amount of percentage of your overall grade that you will get when exam results are announced.

Most authors avoid mentioning experiments with negative results. Meanwhile, such experiments, especially in the field of technology, are sometimes more instructive than experiments with a positive outcome. Technology is a science in which, unlike mathematics, it happens that a minus plus or minus gives plus. For example, the technological process has two significant drawbacks, but, nevertheless, provides the necessary product quality. If only one drawback is eliminated, then, as a rule, the process will fail and a defect in production will arise. In the article on any technological process, the author should consider the types of defects and methods for its elimination. The technologist grows into a highly qualified specialist if he investigates the causes of marriage in production and develops methods for its elimination. They cannot be identified with annotation, they have different functions. Conclusions should show what is received, and the summary what has been done. Conclusions cannot be too numerous.

Benefits of Dissertation

Writing a dissertation will enable you to enhance a wide range of skills, including; project planning, project management, market analysis, time management, and possibly, skills to communicate managers and/or customers in a real business world, which you may develop through fieldwork interviews for your dissertation.

Another advantage is that you will be able to obtain a good knowledge of a specialized area by doing a dissertation.

Benefits of Coursework

These coursework will immediate the coed to conduct their very own analysis, studying, and explorations on a given subject. A sequence of such coursework assignments can considerably broaden scholar’s data on the topic. It will also be a really helpful reinforcement of data that may assist college students in dealing with exams on the topic.

Class coursework are given by tutor to measure how a lot of data the coed has absorbed from the category room research. It’s an important suggestions loop for the tutor. If there’s a vital variety of college students performing beneath common on a selected coursework project, the tutor might resolve to repeat that part. Equally, the tutor might reinforce the data coated underneath that part by different means resembling a discipline journey or a video presentation.

Coursework taken on a normal foundation will help college students get acquainted with numerous necessities of writing. These embody essay format, coursework format, reference writing, and so on. Such familiarity may be very helpful for finishing extra stringent coursework resembling Advance placement coursework, AQA coursework, or coursework required by any examination physique.

It is a useful gizmo for use in imparting advanced data. As an example, a plant osmosis coursework carried out as a bunch project may be extra fascinating and clear than merely studying it from the textual content e book. Coursework requirement to jot down a course of essay on the take a look at can additional assist the coed develop into extra clarified on the topic.


  • Formulating a suitable Dissertation statement: the most challenging part of the dissertation and coursework is to identify the dissertation and coursework statement which state the purpose of research and the dissertation and coursework statement should attract opposing opinions.
  • Finding relevant literature: Literature review provide a comprehensive analysis, discuss theories, published data and provide the historical assessment and identify the research problems. To identify the literature review of dissertation is very difficulty part where as it is easy to identify the literature review of course work. Many students do mistake while writing dissertation such as writing short summaries of literature, student expressing their own opinion on literature review, cannot do proper reference etc
  • Find Data: Another challenge is to find reverent data to support the dissertation or coursework. Mainly there are two types data primary and secondary data. Primary data is collected using interviews, questionnaires, focus group etc which required finance and takes time. The data comes from primary source should be analysis carefully. Secondary data is collected by other incudes government data, non- government or telecommunication companies. The most difficult part is that to identify the relent data that support the argument. Both dissertation and the coursework used primary and secondary source of data to support the arguments.
  • Planning and time management: This is most challenging parts of dissertation and coursework. Most students think that dissertation is a long period of time, but they cannot plain and manage time period properly because there are many things to do in dissertation. Coursework also has short time period but it is also difficult to manage the time period.


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